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October 22, 2012
The Three Broomsticks by ~TwiggyMcBones
Featured by Lyricanna
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The Three Broomsticks

No more Harry Potter movies! :-( :-( :-(

This one's for you, Potter fans! I've actually wanted to do a group shot at The Three Broomsticks for awhile. Nothing like a warm pub on a cold day, sitting down for some brews with your best buds. Trust me, I went to college in Rochester, where you only get a snow day if somebody has DIED.
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AlexSkullUterna's avatar
Luna I gotta advise against that skirt when it's snowing out
Skydrathik's avatar
Darn, where's Harry lookin at^^ wasn't it like Ron had a crush on some Bard lady?
Snowy-Weather's avatar
I love all your Harry Potter fanart so much, it's so cute and awesome! ^^
ScribbleCate's avatar
Whoa there, Harry, keep your eyes to yourself XD
Hagrid's face is amazing, btw. I love your art style ^^
khergitleader's avatar
harry old boy watcha looking at?
Makosharkman's avatar
very well drawn.
abigailoteo's avatar
Beautiful!! lol Harry ¬ w ¬.... xDDD
allamericanchic's avatar
urwa91's avatar
cool art dude... 
Kat-Loves-Hatter's avatar
I Live in Rochester, I know how you feel and also I love your HP fanart! I demand more!!
tinygorilla's avatar
This is so awesome!
bloodyhellhayden's avatar
This is so beautiful!
TheNumber1dotter's avatar
The artwork is so lovely.

I from near Rochester. That is so true.
KittyJayGordon's avatar
Luna is hilarious!!!!!!Great job!!!!
DragonFlame123's avatar
Aww, this is so cute!
Spiritwolfie333's avatar

AWESOME!!! I love Hermione's hair!!!





(Oh Harry, you bad, bad boy! XD)

ghola8's avatar
Well done art, and too true about Rochester! It's my favorite city in the world, but it's not nice to children on blizzardy days.
Josh-Jenes's avatar
Oh- ho ho, I see where you're lookin' Harry. :iconmegustaplz:
LovelyPete's avatar
Wotcher lookin at Harry?
Love! This is amazing! Bad Harry checking out Rosmerta! :P
SimbaSpyro's avatar
This is so amazing! I keep coming back to it!
fairydust481's avatar
Harry's like "bewbs" ;B
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