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Our Deal

Based on the Best Coast music video for "Our Deal". It took all my strength not to just draw Donald Glover over and over. BUT, I thought these too were just so cute and stylish.

You can check out the music video here if you are so inclined:
It's a snappy tune!
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Video not available in Canada.
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love it :heart: they're so cuteee!!!
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OMG they are exactly like my fanfic's main characters! *¬* beautiful draw!
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I love Chloe Moretz so when I went looking for everything she was in I found this video. After I watched it I felt my heart break. Now every time I hear the song that's all I can think of. It's so sad...
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No idea what this music video is, not gonna bother looking either. This is just a sweet image in itself. Keep it coming.
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You should draw some more from this video! I'd love to see your version of Donald Glover!
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Epic heartbreak in four minutes or less :C

great drawing though!
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I love this song, but man is that video depressing.... when they turned that corner, I think a part of me died inside.
I just watched it. This video rocked my world. Haha, it was crazy. Donald Glover, Alia Shawkat, Miranda Cosgrove. What a bizarre and magnificent cast.

I love the drawing! Her shoes in particular!
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