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'Look sharp, Strongbottom'

Turns out, when I'm left to my own devices all day, I STILL only draw Harry Potter fan art! Here's a scene from Professor Slughorn's Christmas party, grabbing a firewhiskey from poor abused waiter Neville. I gotta say I never cared much for Slughorn in the books but Jim Broadbent really gave him some charm! That man is delightful.
Can you see who's having a terrible time in the background? I wonder who she's talking to under that mistletoe...
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good name! nice and STRONG!
NeverBeenDarkMarked's avatar
Hehe... poor little Neville!! I love Hermione's face there though XD That's awesome!
WayInOverMyHead's avatar
All hands on deck, Longbottom!! Yeah he was a PITA but funny nonetheless.
world-we-love's avatar
i'm sorry, i can't stop myself from writing so stupid comments all around your gallery, but
i love your Neville x3!
Abilovesemmett's avatar
McClagan! :D I pay
bluebran's avatar
Such an awsome styyyyle
julvett's avatar
I think you did a pretty good mix of book Slughorn and Jim Broadbent, but I just wish you included the white walrus mustache!
Sreebski's avatar
Hermione's so maaaaad!
roonilwazlib92's avatar
Ohmygosh I love it. Your style is fabulous! And Neville looks so cute <3
Pale-Face-and-Rain's avatar
Poor hermione! i dont know who i'd hate to be more,...
Foo-Foo-Flower's avatar
Haha I love Hermione in the background :D
janach's avatar
Hermione is talking to an intelligent and agreeable seventh-year Slytherin whom none of us have ever heard of because we only hear about the evil Slytherins. Is he pureblood, half-blood or muggleborn? Does it matter? He has Ron beat all hollow.
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Neville is so precious!
JoeMerl's avatar
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This is great! I like your cartoony style :)
Agatha-Macpie's avatar
I love it ! Your coloring style makes me feel speechless !
TicklishPear's avatar
ahhh yay! this is terrific!

can't wait to see Neville being a badass in a few weeks! EEEeee :la:
Jedigirl2992's avatar
oh man, this is wonderful <3
Rose-Ann-Mary-K's avatar
where's his mustach:P?
Lovely picture though!
Espessialy hermione in the back ;) great job!
Awesome colouring too! :heart:
rachelkpoulain's avatar
Haha, Strongbottom. I love it.
songbirdDEIGE's avatar
Holy crap... is it sad that I could tell that this was Neville and Slughorn before I looked at the title? That scene makes me squee. I love Neville ///O VO///
beautifulhikariiugly's avatar
and i loved slughorn, in book and on the screen. no clue why, though :U he just interested me, i suppose. a slytherin on the good side, etc etc (well, close enough to the good side haha)
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