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LA DC Throwdown

Moved from DC to LA last year. It's so different! Especially the whole workplace culture. People roll into work at 10 out here! 10! Back home my co-interns got up at 5 to get in a little gym time before work. Ya'll LA kids are slackers! And hippies!

...I will do well here.
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Hahaha, yes, west-coast gives you buffer time in the morning cuz no matter where you're coming from, there'll be traffic - even if you live 2 blocks away from work!
And tho I don't know DC, I did NY for a while, and the differences are pretty much the same b/w NY and LA. ;)
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I moved to DC not long ago, and this looks spot on.
FStop231's avatar
So true, love it!
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Oh man, this is so accurate it hurts. I love it!

I'm from DC and I haven't officially made the move to LA yet, but I've been out here for school for the past three years. :>
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My bike looks like his bike :{
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imma move to L.A after college then :D sounds like my kinda place
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DC FTW! Also, love that the DC guy can't say where he interns XD
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Oh someone who is in the process of looking for a job and living in Pittsburgh (which is east coast-ish, even though it's hours away from the nearest ocean) this makes me really want to move west. I'm just not that fancy!
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Buffalo Exchange FTW
Gotta love how lay back it is out here.
Love the interpretation of the two places :]
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That's the difference between East Coast and West Coast. ;-) (I'm an East Coaster, by the way)
goldenavatar's avatar
Pffft... Interning... HAH! But seriously, this is cool.
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