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Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys and her man, Khal Drogo. I loves me some Game of Thrones! Its kind of a weird thing they've got going on, but eventually it gets less rapey and more cute, so that's good.
At the end of book 2! Can't wait to see what happens!
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It's really too bad that they mad it all rapey in the show...
Otherwise, I love the show
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Amazing work! I LOVE the differences between Drogo's dark skin and Denerys pale one, just perfect. I like the foreground with the hands.
Amazing work, love it Love 
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I'd like to see another version of this with a reversal of genders!
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Awesome job!! I loved it!!! ♥♥!
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It's such a shame that they made it so rapey in the show, while in the books, Khal was so lovely. ANYWAY, this is just beautiful!
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great depiction of contrast between Daenerys and Drogo, and also you caught raw arrogant strength of Khal
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whoah khaleesi!

she looks like black canary almost > w <
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Sad he died, wasn't so bad for a blood lusting barbarian
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I'm a huge fan of the books, and yeah, it's better when Daenerys doesn't seem like a child. Hope you liked the 'crowning' of her brother. (^_^)
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Afro Drogo.....kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
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Ooo... so cool! :faint:
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Drogo looks like nigger xD
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WTF is wrong with you?
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She's from Russia... Enough said?
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Are Russians typically racist or something? Because this bitch is racist :/.
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Er... the word "nigger" doesn't hold the same connotations as they do for people closer to the US.. It's less of a racist thing, and more of an ignorance thing. Or at least I hope.. Both are equally sad for different reasons.
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he's got some Goro hands too.
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Lookin kinda Rapunzel there, Dany.
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I don't think it can be less rapey as long as she's 14. :-\
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hooray for less rape! i love this pairing also!! :D
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LOL "less rapey and more cute" really is what it is :D
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your artwork was featured here: [link]
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