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PH Squiggles Bold SAMPLE


The typeface has been improved and can be found here:


This is the sample file of PH Squiggles bold, it is still in the testing stages at the moment, if you find any problems with it please put a comment on the bottom.

Many thanks :]

I am currently working away on the uppercase letters, then i shall make the numbers and then all the other glyphs needed (fullstops, colons, semi-colons etc) There will be two variations of numbers and two variations of upper case letters but only one variation of lower case letterforms. There will also be a selection of weights which will be;


Also as well as alternative versions of each weight which will hold the alternate upper case and numerical letterforms (eg. light alt, regular alt etc)

Expect some updates in the next few weeks and a release of the full font in a few months.
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If you could add ÆæØøÅå it would be GREAT!
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thank you! can't wait to use them <3
lovely I got them thanks
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I look forward to the whole set. :)
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Congratulations, you are featured in the Fond of Fonts newsletter! :dance: :D
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This looks pretty fantastic
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I saw this in *jelloween's third font article. It's a cute gimmicky font. If I had a blog or something, I'd probably use it to write the title. I'm not sure if I personally like how you decided to do the spacing, but I don't think I'd use it for entire sentences anyway, maybe just for an attention-grabbing title or something. Oh, and also, the deviation is a funky way to present your font, I rather like it!
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well thats what this font is for really, just headlines and single words, i wouldn't try to write a whole sentence or paragraph or my eyes might start to bleed! Thanks for the comment about the spacing, im looking into different ways of connecting the letters, but showing spaces as well.

Thanks for the comment about the presentation too, im glad you like it!
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gonna try it ^^
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Dude! I am in love! I want it! you're doing a great job!
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:rofl: @bastard weight :D
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