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K R A K E N - B E T A

Here is the beta test of kraken, a neo-grotesque / geometric sans serif. This download gives you the thin and bold variations. There will be more weights and the possibility of a egyptian style too. Currently here are the following weights to be designed:

Light Oblique
Book Oblique
Medium Oblique
Bold Oblique

The metrics and such haven't really been touched and all manner of tweaking is required on some letter forms.

Usual non-commercial use stuff applies, in other words, only for personal use.

Many thanks and all that.
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Thanks for sharing.
Great job.
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Thanks for sharing.
Great job.
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I love it but I think you should make a regular version.
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Quite a nice typeface. I think it has a lot of potential. Here are some pointers though:

- /t/ could have a longer horizontal bar on the left.
- /m/ should be slightly more condensed; it should be narrower than 2 n's.
- /h/ is way too wide. It should be the same width as /n/.
- /k/ needs remodeling.
- /w/ is a bit too dark.
- /x/ is too wide.
- /z/ is too wide.
- /v/ is tpp narrow.
- /i/ and /j/ seem too tall as their tittles (the dots) are almost touching the stems. The problem here is that you made rectangle characters the same height as rounded characters while rounded characters should be slightly bigger so they look optically the same. The principle is explained here: [link]
I also think round tittles will look better than these diamond shapes tittles.

I think the capitals are quite perfect. The lowercase still needs some work. I must say, I'm not a big fan of geometric typefaces but I like the atmosphere of this one. Especially the /a/ and /p/ are cool.

I think if this typeface was a bit more modeled after Gill Sans and the character set is expanded, the kerning is done professionally and the Oblique styles are replaced with Italics this would pretty much guarantee sales.
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Thank you very much for taking the time to give me some great feedback. This font has just been sitting there doing nothing since I posted this preview but I'm revisiting it now. Again thanks!
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wow, that's pretty stuff
I really like this font. I would like to use this for the freelance design group logo. Does the CC permit use for logo design? I won't be selling the font, obviously, but I'm not sure if "non-commercial" means I can't use it in a logo for a for-profit organization.

Thanks nonetheless!
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Yeah thats totally fine, go and enjoy!
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Thanks for sharing this!
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That's an impressive work I see here! It's a really, really good work! Keep going o/
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thank you very much, sadly i havent had all that much time to concentrate on my typography
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my favorite font of all time. thanks much bro
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Great font, featured here: [link]
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I'd like use tour font on a free virtual magazine, this is a cultural one and I'm on the redesign.

Your can Check it here: [link]

I'll put the credits of all the stuff used on it. Thanks

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hey there, yeah its okay for you to use the font for the magazine
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Beautiful font you made here.
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It's perfect! Really cool
thank you!! love it!
Dear Paul,

I have just downloaded this very beautiful font and thank you for having created it. There is just one detail that saddens me: the 6 Turkish fonts are missing, which are : ğ - ı - ç - ş - ö - ü.
This is a very little known fact. Unfortunately very many font designers ignore it. So, if you could add these 6 letters we will all be much obliged. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Gul Tekdag
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