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Furballed: Days Like This

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Fus-ro-Yay1's avatar
lol that reminds me of this one time my cat, Fluffy, tried getting to the house with a mouse stuffed into her mouth. We could still see the tail coming out of her mouth xD (This happened before we started keeping her inside)
twiggy-trace's avatar
Hehe, that's funny.
Fus-ro-Yay1's avatar
lol yep. The tail stuck out of her mouth like spaghetti xD
ItalianEmpress1985's avatar
My old tom cat, Bam Bam, tried to bring a decapitated rat into the house. He was confused why I made him stay outside. :p

LOL! So funny, cause it's true.
twiggy-trace's avatar

My mother-in-law's cat once brought a live baby bunny into the house.
Viper-X27's avatar
Cats always do that. Its wired into their DNA.
yaoifangal13's avatar
poor little mouse XDD
oro-elui's avatar
here is the situation i definitely know from somewhere :>
great work :D
Diloshstar's avatar
Ahaha, that happened to me many times when I had cats :giggle:

They'd bring either a dead mouse or little bird in front of our door. And I remember clearly that the bird's head was disjointed from it's body O_o
twiggy-trace's avatar
Ack! Cats give such wonderful gifts! :XD:
Diloshstar's avatar
True :giggle:

Atleast, their gifts are better than those of parakeets. Our parakeet sometimes pukes the seed he eats to "feed" us when we play with him ^^;
twiggy-trace's avatar
Oh wow, I didn't know Parakeets did that. I'd add a bird into the comic at some point, but I've never had birds. :-(
LeloniBunny's avatar
Heh, cats are so very considerate like that.
MayRoco's avatar
I love this work...good job!:D
MeltedSculpture's avatar
haha...My cat does it.. she catches and brings a mouse to me sometimes... what a cutie :aww:
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theoldhorse's avatar
lol that use to happen to me, or mum with our cats, toby would bring in the mice, and yoshi would bring live baby rabbits
twiggy-trace's avatar
They weren't space bunnies, were they? :)
Vanleith's avatar
Haha! That's cute :3
SolbiiMelody's avatar
my cat once brought me a dead bird.. it was interesting. when we took it away to bury it, her face was so sad she never did it again >n>"
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