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First of all I want to thank all of you for using my stock! It's really appreciated and I love all the artwork it turns out to :)
Some of you seem to have missed out on my rules though, and I just want to clarify the rules that concern ALL of my stock photos (no matter what is written in their description).


Rules: :below:
:bulletblack: Link back to my stock profile/credit me in your description, it makes it easier for others to find the file
:bulletblack: Please give me a comment with a link to your deviation so I can fav it
:bulletblack: NOT for commercial use without my written permission
:bulletblack: NOT to be used outside of dA without my written permission
:bulletblack: You're NOT allowed to make prints of your deviations that include my stock photos without my written permission. (excluding the category Objects and Places.)
:bulletblack: You're NOT allowed to use my photos for any nude art
:bulletblack: If you have any questions feel free to ask



Q: What hair dye do you use for your blue hair?
A: Directions Atlantic blue and Turquoise.

Q: Where can I buy the hat you are wearing in the photo named SS?

Q: I love your dreads! Are they real?
A: No, I use synthetic dreads.

Q: Do you use dreadfalls?
A: No, I use DE-dreads. I braid them into my hair.

Q: What kind of hairdresser should I go to to get your hair?
A: No idea, I fix my hair all by myself, except from the dreads that I buy from
© 2008 - 2021 TwiggXstock
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Hi, my name is Carlos Vasquez, I am the CEO of DinapixStudio, I really liked your photos called Blau, I would like to use one for a project that I want to carry out, ( Blau by TwiggXstock ) these are some shirts for internal use of my company nothing commercial and they are only 5 or 6, we wanted to know if you can give us your permission to use to carry our project out, we will give you the necessary credits when we publish here in Deviantart. Sorry my english is not very good. Thanks.
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A question, what is your natural hair color (before you start dyeing them)? ;w;
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Hello, I do a lot of speed arts which I upload on Youtube, is it alright if I upload the one I recorded when I made this?
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Hello, I just have a question! I've seen people ask this question before, but I wanted to ask myself just to be sure! With the artwork I make from your photos, would I be able to use them for the face-claim of a character I use off-site?

I would give you full credit on the image, of course, and link back to your stock and rules. Thank you for your time! ♡
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Hi, I made a painting with your photo, can I post it on my facebook art website?
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Hello :) absolutely, as long as credit is given.
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Hi, thanks for supplying great stock to work from. I used one of your photos for a portrait study, hope that's ok :)…
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Hey, I did a coloring of this image:…

From this Artist…

Here are the colorings:

I wondered if I could share it on the art page I have on Facebook, with credit of course.…

Thanks for your time! Awesome work here! :)
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Hello can I please use your stock… for an illustration. I would like to post it on DA, Instagram and Tumblr will link back and give credit :)
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hi! damn, youre so beautiful lol. Umm, is it okay if I use… and then edit it(smudge)? I'm also wondering if I can upload it on my site and maybe share it on instagram? :) thank you!
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Hi there :) sure you can, as long as credit is given where due. Thank you for your interest in my stock and for the compliment :aww:
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Thank you! :) sure I'll give credit miss TwiggX 
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Hello darling, I was wondering if I could use… on a school design project. I will be uploading the finished project to dA and will be sure to give proper credit if use is permitted. :)
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Absolutely :) That is fine with me! Have fun!
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jello! I was wondering if i could use one (or some) of you lovely stock as a character picture for role-playing, off-site of course. I will link you in bold letters and never claim as my own. the website is (Yes, the name is a bit strange) ChickenSmoothie  thank you for your time and i understand if you do not wish for me to use it. Bye 
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Hello there! :) As long as you give me proper credit like you said that is ok! Thanks!
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I was wondering if you minded you minded if I used your image for the face-claim of a character offsite, with 100x100 icons and credit to you. I've seen others using your image before, but I wasn't quite sure on your rules regarding face-claims and thought I would ask you directly. Thank you!
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It's okay as long as you credit me :) thank you!
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Thank you yes! I will definitely credit with direct linking back to here! Thank you so much for the quick reply too. I appreciate it :)
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Your skin is absolutely flawless looking. Is that just good genes? Or something else
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I used one of your stock for an…. I was wondering if it was possible to put this artwork in my portfolio on
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Hey there, I was wondering if it was possible to use one of your self portraits and incorporate your face into a tattoo design I'm doing for a friend?
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