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Story of my life :icontwiggierjet:Twiggierjet 2 4


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Baby Ponpon :icondandonfuga:dandonfuga 1,651 45
Third Galaxy Problems: The Outsiders
The Outsiders

Far beyond the core, the Unknown Regions, and the galactic void, another galaxy approaches at a speed of 130,000 km/s. During the ancient time of the Old Republic there was to be an outbound flight to intercept it, and it would have been the great exchange of culture and ideas in history. Who knows how things would have gone differently if the outbound flight had met them.
Maybe the Outsiders would have been different, and the Jedi could have taught them the ways of the Force. Maybe the Outsiders would have shown respect to a race equal to them. Maybe the Outsiders would have arrived and been intimidated if super weapons like the Death Star still existed. Maybe they could be overwhelmed if the galaxy was united.
First contact with the Outsiders always begins the same, with a greeting. The greeting is followed by an ultimatum, to allow the Outsiders to establish a local franchise and relinquish resources from uninhabited worlds. With the devastation the Outsiders h
:iconmechazoidfallen:Mechazoidfallen 1 4
Our Fathers' Stars: The Center Can Hold by Silas-Coldwine Our Fathers' Stars: The Center Can Hold :iconsilas-coldwine:Silas-Coldwine 21 2 Star Wars: Third Galaxy Problems [COMMISSION] by RvBOMally Star Wars: Third Galaxy Problems [COMMISSION] :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 46 1
Star Wars: Third Galaxy Problems Text [3 of 3]

The Dominion of Light and Other Regional Powers

When Order 66 was declared, thousands of Jedi were slaughtered, with less than one percent of Jedi surviving. The few that did survive fled with some with loyal clone units and sympathizers to the world of Bastion, in the galactic north. Many of these survivors were members of the Paladins of Teepo, a group of Jedi Knights considered black sheep for their use of unorthodox tactics and weapons such as blasters.
The Paladins also had many unorthodox ideas about the role of Jedi in government. Many thought the Jedi should have actual authority in the Senate, or be its own branch of government that had input in legislation. Many thought the Jedi should also have a greater role in policing the republic. These beliefs were enforced and further radicalized by the tragedy of Order 66.
The Jedi reformed into an organization known as the White Paladins, designed to return the galaxy to the light at any cost. They spread out across all the n
:iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 14 1
Star Wars: Third Galaxy Problems Text [2 of 3]
A Tale of Two Republics
Before the Battle of Coruscant, before the Battle of Jakku, and even before the wreckage of the second Death Star had fallen into Endor’s atmosphere, the seeds of the schism had formed.
With Alderaan destroyed, the Rebel forces in Core, Colonies, and Expansion Region went even deeper underground. While Rebels in the Mid Rim were playing cowboy, they and their loved ones were being hunted down and tortured. Time and time again they were promised asylum in the Alliance-held regions, but instead were left to the mercy of Imperial Intelligence and the ISB. One by one their cells were snuffed out, until Judge Starchaser.
Snoke Starchaser joined a Rebel cell, initially to spite his father, a High Imperial Judge. Eventually, he grew to whole-heartedly sympathize with his comrades. Unlike many of Snoke’s contemporaries, he did not want to restore the Old Republic. He saw the Republic as weak and flawed, something far too corruptible and inefficient.
:iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 14 0
Star Wars: Third Galaxy Problems Text [1 of 3]
The Battle of Endor was a turning point in galactic history. Not because of the restoration of the Republic and not from the formation of a new Jedi Order to guide the galaxy, but because for the first time in millennia, galactic power would not be centralized. The galaxy was no longer under the domination of one or two major powers, and was instead shattered into multiple powers entangled in a complex web of ever-shifting alliances; dozens of powers and hundreds of smaller entities all vying for power as they stabbing one to climb and fall. The fall of the Empire at Endor was not the end of the turmoil. The great correction had come. Balance had arrived and suffering would follow.
It has been over six hundred years since the destruction of the second Death Star, and the Star Wars show no sign of ending.
The Fractured Empire
The Galactic Empire was the greatest power the galaxy had ever seen, dwarfing the Sith empires, the Old Republic, and even the Rakatan
:iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 15 3
Artemisia and Bunny by mangamie Artemisia and Bunny :iconmangamie:mangamie 1,073 40 Inktober 2018 Day 7 (Lunar Cleric) by Tekka-Croe Inktober 2018 Day 7 (Lunar Cleric) :icontekka-croe:Tekka-Croe 200 7 Inktober 2018 Day 5 by Blazbaros Inktober 2018 Day 5 :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 138 14 Worldview, volume 01: Encyclopedia by JamesLedgerConcepts Worldview, volume 01: Encyclopedia :iconjamesledgerconcepts:JamesLedgerConcepts 92 10 Cyber City by BombOPAUL Cyber City :iconbombopaul:BombOPAUL 4 3 Commission Book Cover. by rich35211 Commission Book Cover. :iconrich35211:rich35211 108 5 Fabricant Iotoma Ahlep by Tekka-Croe Fabricant Iotoma Ahlep :icontekka-croe:Tekka-Croe 254 13 Scrapped_Pg1_ by Opravdu Scrapped_Pg1_ :iconopravdu:Opravdu 143 11


My Politiscale Results
I actually took this test a few months ago, so they might have changed some stuff since then. I'm not exactly sure what work is supposed to mean in the context of the top 3 values, so if someone who knows more about this test could help me out with that, that would be great. I was quite surprised by how low my environmentalism score was. I also like how this test realizes that regulation and capitalism are not incompatible like many other tests of this nature often do.

You can do the test yourself at

Welcome to trickle down economics.…


Welcome to trickle down economics. 


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