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Last update: 25 October 2012
Welcome to the

TwiDash Fan Club!

for all your TwiDash needs! Whether you like them as friends or as lovers, any TwiDash/Twilight Sparkle/Rainbow Dash fans are welcome to join!

:icontwidashhugplz: :icontwidashplz: :icontwidashhug2plz:

:icontwilightboogieplz: :iconrainbow-bopplz:

WARNING: This is a yuri group. If you don't like MLP yuri, or any yuri for that matter, this group isn't for you.

General Rules

:bulletyellow: Feel free to make suggestions for the group, either by contacting an admin or commenting!

:bulletyellow: Everyone's allowed to join this group, regardless of what you do. All member requests are auto-approved.

:bulletyellow: We are currently not accepting Contributor applications.

:bulletyellow: If you dislike TwiDash or yuri/lesbian shippings, please don't comment about how much it sucks. Your comments will be hidden and you may be blocked.

:bulletyellow: Have fun!

Submission Rules

:bulletorange: Submissions should be related to Twilight, Rainbow Dash, both of them, their Rule 63 equivelants, or their fan-children.

:bulletorange: NSFW artwork or fanfics must be submitted to the two Mature gallery folders.

:bulletorange: Please submit to the correct folder. If you have any questions about which folder to submit to, please see the guide below.

:bulletorange: Art theft of any kind is strictly prohibited. Please only submit your work. Any deviations that are found to be stolen will be promptly removed; if you see any stolen deviations in our group, please report them to the admins.


:bulletpurple: Please submit to the correct folder; it makes things much easier for the admins!

:bulletblue: If you don't know where to submit, try reading these folder descriptions. CTRL+F if you can't find it, and if that doesn't help, ask an admin.

:bulletpurple: Rainbow Dash: For artwork featuring only Rainbow Dash.
:bulletblue: Twilight Sparkle: For artwork featuring only Twilight Sparkle.
:bulletpurple: Twilight x Rainbow Dash: For artwork featuring both Rainbow Dash and Twilight.
:bulletblue: TwiDash: Humanized: For humanized versions of RD and Twilight.
:bulletpurple: TwiDash: Antrho: For anthro artwork of RD and Twilight.
:bulletblue: Comics: Comics featuring both RD and Twilight.
:bulletpurple: Rainbow Blitz and Dusk Shine: For artwork featuring Rainbow Blitz and/or Dusk Shine (Rule 63 versions of RD and Twilight, respectively).
:bulletblue: Literature: Fanfics, shipfics, and other assorted literature.
:bulletpurple: Mature Artwork: For explicit/NSFW artwork. This includes porn, nightmare fuel, and gore.
:bulletblue: Mature Fanfics: For clopfics, or fanfics with explicit content.
:bulletpurple: Wallpapers: This folder is for TwiDash Wallpapers, themes, etc.
:bulletblue: Stamps and Icons: For TwiDash stamps, sprites or icons.


If you're a Redditor, check out /r/TwiDash!

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Our affiliates!
Yes this group now have a discord sever. so if you have any questions to the leader or the moderators.they are mostly active in there. mostly the leader.we have a level system and good stuff. but please follow the rules ok. anyway here the invite of the discord sever if you want to join.

link to the server ---->
Alrighty! Now that I've gotten the veteran count, I have another question;

Who all here wants to make Twidash, either through Fanfiction or visual art, but either hasn't started or needs help learning/practicing?

Feel free to sound off below if you do!
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Group Info

Collecting artwork of Rainbow Dash and Twilight from the animated television show, MLP-FiM!
Founded 11 Years ago
Sep 16, 2011


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Fan Club

963 Members
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Gallery Folders

smooches by uunicornicc
Twidash by Mara-Jeyd
MLP : TwiDash by CrazyRainbow0
Afternoon flight by Faunafay
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash as Mario by user15432
School Girl Rainbow Dash by user15432
Plot Device by PSFMer
Cute Dash Gift (pixel art) by SuperHyperSonic2000
Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle - Witch Hat by SJArt117
The Same Thing We Do Every Time Pinkie (pixel gif) by SuperHyperSonic2000
Princess of 'hicup' friendrunk (Collab 4/4) by kuren247
Book Horse Posing Behind The Luna (pixel art) by SuperHyperSonic2000
the spell you got on me, its like magic by sailorsprouts
The Future of Friendship (Happy 9th Anniversary!) by EmeraldBlast63
Where wings can take you ~ by TheBrightestTwilight
Twilight Sparkle Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie by user15432
Under the Midnight Sun by PSFMer
+breezie spring+ by xXHanaChanXx
EQG Twilight Sparkle Wallpaper by Sonork91
EQG Rainbow Dash Wallpaper by Sonork91
Twilight Love by cmors12
Swimming pool party by TomatoLaccoon
Brutalight Sparcake the mermaid by user15432
Rainbine Dash the mermaid by user15432
Twilight Sparkle by waltherrfa
Solar Angel by BCRich40
Rainbow by myakich
Rainbow Dash (Centaur version) by Catifornia
Magical Loyalty - New Perspectives Page 23 by WaveyWaves
Magical Loyalty - New Perspectives Page 32 by WaveyWaves
Comic Teaser (Your Time In My Hands) Page 3 by Linedraweer
A Holiday Technicality by Manual-Monaro
Stamps + Icons
Zap stamp by FunnyGamer95
Masked Matter-Horn stamp by FunnyGamer95
Twilight Sparkle Fan Stamp by Katsuforov-Chan
Rainbow Dash Fan Stamp by Katsuforov-Chan
Rainbow Blitz and Dusk Shine
Love Wins! by gamesadict
Dusk Shine Patch by EthePony
Rainbow dash and Rainbow blitz by Acuario1602
Rainbow Blitz by Acuario1602
Fan Children
Rainbowlight MLP Next Gan by cmors12

Mature Content

Mature Artwork

Mature Content

Together [Twidash Preview] by Shad0w-Galaxy
Mature Fanfics

Mature Content



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Watch out for the Sister of the hacker. Set the group to Subject to Vote or Not Allowed.
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the fact i still ship this nearly 8 years after i found mlp has to say something
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Its "steam" is quite decent (and quite messy), but nonetheless I highly regard for every person who ever contributes and moderates in this club. If sometime a coordinated event is on, I really like to see it.

TwiDash forever!
Storylover-Vodhr Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2017   Writer
Thank ya!

Yeah, it's rather up/down at times, But it's home. XD

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This group is still doing well.

I was once a co-founder to the group one of my first group when I joined DA. :)
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