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So this was orginally made by :iconkoopakidds: and I thought it would be fun to do so I gave it a shot! (Warning: might have spoilers below)

1. Sora, Kingdom Hearts series: By far my favorite character of all time, I mean look at him! He is so cute! He is loyal to his friends, brave, funny, and just plain awesome! Totally desirves first place! <3
2. Aqua, Kingdom Hearts series: She is by far the thoughest girl in the whole KH series, and she is also loyal to her friends, definitly favorite girl character of all time.
3. Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy VII: And people say he is overrated, not in my book! And he is so dang seriuos, which I love!
4. Riku, Kingdom Hearts series: Come on, you have to admit he is awesome! The whole reason why I began to walk the road to dawn. One question for him though; Why did he cut off his awesome hair?!
5. Axel/Lea, Kingdom Hearts series: He is awesome, GOT IT MEMORIZED?!?!?!
6. Zuko, Avatar the Last Airbender series: It's hard to believe that I really hated this guy in the first and second season, but now he has proven himself and made him one of my favorite chraceters of all time.
7. Ventus, Kingdom Hearts series: Come on, you know he is adorable!
8. Zack Fair, Final Fantasy VII: He i close to perfect, he was funny, charming, storng, and then he just dies :(
9. Kairi, Kingdom Hearts series: She is so cute, I mean come on! I don't get why so many people hate her though...
10. Derek Hale, Teen Wolf: That grin he is wearing says it all :D
11. Reno, Final Fantasy VII: He is hilariuos! I love his bromance with Rude and I think secretly he is related to Axel 0_o
12. Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games trilogy: She won the Hunger Games, started a rebellion, and is one of the strongest female characters of the century. Of course she had to make it on this list.
13. Sokka, Avatar the Last Airbender: Funny, but strong, brave, and smart at the same time.
14. Vincent Valentine, Final Fantasy VII: Come on! He is just plain awsome!
15. Finnick Odiar, The Hunger Games trilogy: ;,( I can't talk about him without crying... Sorry.
16. Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Got into Buffy since the Twilight phase annoyed me, and I feel in love with him and his british accent.
17. Joshua, The World Ends With You: He is insane yet awesome at the same time!
18. Aerith, Final Fantasy series: Wonderful, caring person, and then she just dies :(
19. Vanitas, Kingdom Hearts series: VANI (need I say more?)
20. Toph. Avatar the Last Airbender: She is the awesome tomboy girl everyone has to love (you know its true)
21. Xion, Kingdom Hearts series: She is the coolest replica ever! I dont get why people hate her when she is such a caring and amazing person!
22. Angry bird, Angry Brids: Not really a character... But they are the best!
23. Lightning, Final Fantasy XIII: She is so pretty and would do anything for her sister or planet. Plus (even though I cant stand pink) her hair is awesome!
24. Sam Witwiky, Transformers series: I wish he was coming back in the fourht instalment of the series...
25. Neku, The World Ends With You: He just desirves to be on here, he is so frickin awesome!
26. Terra, Kingdom Hearts series: He is the whole reason Riku can wield the keyblade, and even though he gave into the darkness, that is what made him awesome.
27. Stilles Stilinski, Teen Wolf: His bromance with Derek and his hilariuosness says it all.
28. Cecil, Final Fantasy VI: A warrior of light and of darkness, you cant get much better then that!
29. Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Carribean: You all know he is awesome so I dont think I need to say anything.
30. Tifa, Final Fantasy VII: She fights with fists of pain!
31. Peeta Melark, The Hunger Games: He is a blonde baker, what more could you ask for?
32. Sephiroth, Final Fantasy VII: I dont even know what made me put him on here, but he is reall one of the coolest FF characters of all time. That and he has the best theme song ever!
33. Mako, Legend of Korra: Awesomest Firebender ever next to Zuko. That and his scarf is awesome :D
34. Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: He is truly an Angel, s and so awesome he got his own spin off series.
35. Bumblebee, Transformers series: He morps into my favorite car ever and crused me so now every time I see a yellow and black camero I scream "ITS BUMBLEBEE!" (unfortinitly dont see a lot of those cameros :( )
36. Auron, Final Fantasy X: "This is my story, and your not part of it." Words I now live by.
37. Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Now if only she would kill the Cullens from Twilight :p
38. Barrett, Final Fantasy VII: AVALANCE RULEZ!
39. Roxas, Kingdom Hearts series: His hair is awesome and he grows so much throughtout the KH series. I just find him a little bit overrated (plz dont kill me)
40. Aang, Avatar the Last Airbender: Last airbender, blue arrow on his head, pet flying bison, yeah he desrives to be on here.
41. Demyx, Kingdom Hearts series: I never thought I would see the day I said I loved Demyx, but here we are. Thank you Demyx Time for letting me see how awesome he is. And... then he just dies...
42. Katara, Avatar the Last Airbender: She looks just like nana in the Legend of Korra! 0_o
43. Namine, Kingdom Hearts series: I wish she was real so I could make her mess with the banks minds so they could give me all the $ I want :p
44. Squall (Leon), Final Fantasy VIII: I love his scar :D and he is so awesome in the KH series!
45. Zexion, Kingdom Hearts series: He has the coolest haircut, awesome scientist, cutest kid... and then he just dies (SQAURENIX just love to make us die a little inside dont they?)
46. Ash, Pokemon: I wish I lived in Pallet Town and my parents let me go on a huge adventure across the planet with a yellow mouse :)
47. Korra, Legend of Korra: Reminds me of an outgoing version of Aang, which is fabulous!
48. Hope, Final Fantasy XIII: He is so cute! (Looks at him in FFXIII-2) OH MY GOSH HE IS EVEN MORE AWESOMER
49. Mickey Mouse, Kingdom Hearts series/ Disney: He is a mouse with a giant key, that is pretty awesome :p
50. Issac, Teen Wolf: Lets hope in the next season he becomes an even awesomer member of Derek's pack!

Thats it? But I have so many more characters that I love! :p
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I honestly don't know most of these characters, but going by the ones I do know - I like your style/tastes! B-) (Cool)