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time has made you fall through the cracks.

looking back, you had a magical quality. your face seemed to shine a bit, your words seemed to flow a bit. and something about the way you spoke, the way you thought just happened to move me.

i guess that's it; you just somehow always made me feel. and it was beautiful. days passed, and bags showed under your eyes. time made its mark, and people left scars. you came home weary, longing for empty spaces and quiet corners to pass time and find yourself again.

except sometimes you couldn't. and it was then i whispered, 'darling, you have fallen through the cracks, but mine.'

and sometimes you smiled. sometimes you understood, and the world seemed alright again.
it was the times you didn't that bothered me.

looking at now, you are nothing magical. a chapter in a book over and over and over, looking to find something new, something i missed. something that'd inspire me again and make me see the world a little differently. except i couldn't find it and finally gave up, deciding it just didn't exist.

and then i realized something:

you were most beautiful when i loved you.
people always look more beautiful when you love them.
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Hi :)
I used the incipit of your poem here [link]
Hope you like it :hug: