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Just letting everyone know that I am still among the living and that you can find me on tumblr as twelfthgecko

also etsy

Hi friends!! I am going to be taking part in the Sugar Does New York Art and Fashion Show this Friday (THE THIRTEENTH whooa) at the House of Yes in Brooklyn (342 Maujer St, L to Grand).

"Sugar is a night of collective artistry supporting emerging and underground female talent, gathering different genres of artists from music, fashion, photography, fine, and graffiti art into one venue in an innovative and non-traditional manner."

I'll be dressed in my Friday the 13th finest and selling my wares, and there are gonna be fashion shows and other fun girly things happening throughout the night, so if you're in the New York area you should come check it out!! :3 The event starts at 8 PM and goes well into the night; tickets are $15 presale (available here, scroll down) or $20 at the door.

Check out the Facebook event page here!

Thanks, hope to see you! :heart: xoxo
As you might have expected, I will have a table at the MoCCA Festival here in NYC this coming weekend (April 28th & 29th), table J7, details at, come visit if you are in the area!! I'll have minicomics, silkscreen prints, etc! Also, if you are looking to find me, my current hair color is BLUE!


Hi friends :3

I updated my Etsy with some new things today! My Hot Bitches with Eyepatches are now available as a colorful sticker set, and I have a super-spooky Bloodsucker Print & Sticker Set which has two vampire stickers, a mini-print, and a bonus creepy-crawly. I'm also offering two new combos where you get a print, a minicomic, and a sticker set for a discounted price. :D

Also, here's some exciting news! Etsy is finally doing COUPONS so I have a SUPER SECRET AWESOME COUPON CODE: 13SKELETONS. You can use it to get FREE SHIPPING (fyeah) in the U.S. only (sorry international friends u_u) when you order from my Etsy! I'll keep the code valid through New Year's so you can use it for your holiday shopping if you wish. :3

Thank you everyone who has bought from my Etsy in the past! I super-duper appreciate it and I am always so touched that people are willing to support my art by, well, buying it. <333

In other news, I now owe *RYE-BREAD a drawing including dinosaurs because he bought me this subscription. Thanks Ryan. I guess you only kind of suck for making me draw a dinosaur. C:

sub for commission?? anybodyyy

Thu Oct 13, 2011, 9:05 AM

ok so I know we've played this game before
does anyone want to buy me a sub (could be one of the cheaper ones or whatever) for a commission?

I think the 3 or 4 month one is like 7.95
which is way less than I usually would charge for a drawing!

I'm just sick of giving devianTART my money
this way we both get something out of it...



APE! San Francisco, Next Month!

Mon Sep 5, 2011, 4:06 PM

Dear friends, I will be at APE (Alternative Press Expo) in San Francisco next month, October 1st and 2nd! I am very nervous / excited because it is my first time ever going to California! *3* Please come out and see me if you live in the San Francisco area because I am coming a super super long way to be there!
I'm also uhhh SUPER unprepared so I'm really worried but uhhh hopefully I can get my shit together in the next three weeks lololol OH WELL

Umm otherwise life is crazy right now, like crazybeautiful, like in the good way. I am dirt poor though and finding time for art is really difficult. j^j I have been doing some work but I can't post it publicly. SIGH IDK. When winter comes I may be able to swap the partylife for the artlife for a little while, oh ho ho ho.

COME SEE ME IN CALIFORNIA OK j^j airplanes are scary xo

not dead

Wed Jun 8, 2011, 1:54 PM

x-posted to tumbles

105 New Watchers in the Past Day?

Sun Apr 17, 2011, 4:52 PM

HELLO! WELCOME TO MY HUMBLE ABODE! :D :heart: :heart: :heart: where the hell did all of you come from? SOMEONE FESS UP, i tried but I can't figure it out.... @_@

ETA: Ah HA I finally figured it out! Rofl. I was so confused, guys. Thank you for the watches and thanks Aisha! <333

Hey kittens,
My Etsy shop is now updated with the Charles & Renfield minicomic, Paper Fetish Doll, and prints of the sexy cowgirl and Barbarella (two for the price of one!) :0

Charles & Renfield is the minicomic / storybook that I've been working on fo'eva and it introduces my vampire character, Charles, and his crustpunk bff, Renfield, to the world! :0 Are these cute boys friends? OR ARE THEY MORE THAN FRIENDS? :0 What a mystery.....

The Paper Fetish Doll is an insanely complex silkscreen book I did last semester. Hand-pulled onto chipboard, it has a full-color paper doll set with sexy outfits (garter belts! bustles! octopus hair!), plus the four Baybee Searat postcards, which you may remember; and then the inside has six silkscreen prints which are just seeing the internet for the first time. It's hot! It's naughty! It's for "mature readers" (translation: lots of naked babes) and it's part of a limited edition set of only 50! whoooa nelly :0

Last but not least, I had these damn fine prints made out of my two digital pieces, the sexy cowgirl and the Barbarella pinup. They're 11" x 14", so a good small poster-size, and I have to say, I am like so totally impressed with the print quality. I think they actually came out MORE vibrant and neon-y than the digital copies, which is hard to believe, and the black line has this nice thick glossy quality to it. I'm selling 'em two for the price of one, $10 for the set! Totally better than dA prints, jus' sayin.

Right on, so ch-ch-check it out and I'll try to upload some samples from the inside of the books over the next few days.
Also, don't forget: More posts, more often, over at my tumblr!


Devious Journal Entry

Mon Apr 11, 2011, 6:57 PM

Hi friends!
Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table at MoCCA this past weekend!
Leftovers (comics) will be up on Etsy soon!
I had a good show!

FFFFF I totally forgot to mention that per tradition I will have a table at MoCCA this year. Tbh I kinda just assume everyone already knows.

MoCCA Festival:

Saturday, April 9th and Sunday, April 10th
11 AM - 6 PM both days

Lexington Avenue Armory
68 Lexington Ave (Between 25th &26th Streets)
Manhattan, NYC

click here for more deets

I will have a new minicomic, "Charles & Renfield." And I will be selling some older comics (Moleskine, Icarus) and silkscreen prints.

Please come out and see me if you are in the NY area! :D

Also, tentative plans underway to attend APE in San Francisco this fall, but shhhh~ nothing is certain yet, or ever....
sit down, stay a while.
Ok so this is driving me crazy. A couple months ago (over the summer I think?) I was dicking around on deviantART and clicked on one of my watchers' galleries (I think it was a watcher?? or just a faver? err...) and they had a bunch of emo kid characters they had drawn and I was like, "oh these are cool, I want to do a fanart of this one boy character." And then I did a doodle and forgot about it and lost it and then when I was cleaning my room I found it. And was like "OH RIGHT I WANT TO FINISH THIS NOW."

But I didn't bookmark or fav the picture and I DON'T REMEMBER WHO YOU WERE, I've been like scrolling through my watchers clicking on names on random but I can't figure it out.


also for those of you wondering if this is you, I had actually commented saying "oh I want to draw this" so that is how you know it's specifically you. Because I know a lot of you do cute emo kid drawings, because, you know, that's our bag. but no, I actually TOLD this person I was going to draw her character.

Also I think the boy was named Rivers (I THINK??) and he had like giant teased black hair and a black and blue striped shirt and was super skinny and stuff. yeah, okay.

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Sat Nov 27, 2010, 5:35 PM

Yesssssss it is my birthday!

Thank you for the birthday wishes

I'm 22 today :0


The Industry by bludog613

from :iconbludog613:

so raddddddd! loves it :D

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Check for Breathing

Mon Nov 22, 2010, 6:41 PM

Working hard or hardly working?

Hardly working. :C

Sorry guys.

Trying not to flunk out / drop out of school.

But I might.

I hate school so much! Ughh!

Hating art school makes me hate art makes me not wanna do art makes DA never get updated.

It's a vicious cycle.


p.s. I edited over an old journal entry so ignore old comment replies

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  • Reading: got stuck in that section, I was looking
  • Watching: for &quot;sick&quot; because I have a cold, ok,
  • Playing: I wasn't trying to be melodramatic,
  • Eating: I just have a cold.
  • Drinking: kthnx.

ETA 10.03.10, 3:00 PM EST: Just as a last reminder, the auction for my Katamari piece closes TODAY, in a little under six hours. (So that's around 9 PM tonight if you're on the east coast.) I have no plans to run any prints of the piece in the near future (and definitely not at this size and resolution) so if you want it, now is your only chance! The print is 11 x 17, archival, and one-of-a-kind (even I don't get one...I'm kinda jealous..lololol). The last bid was for $46.00 which is totally amazing and rad and generous! <333 Thank you so much to everyone who has bid, it's great to be able to contribute to a good cause!

Original Entry:

Hey guys, sorry to have been MIA lately but as usual I'm working around the clock. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that my Katamari piece is up for auction with around 40 other pieces by different cartoonists and illustrators.

The Katamari pieces are part of a fundraiser that Portland comics shop Floating World Comics is putting on for their local charity JOIN which "works to connect the street to the home." The charity is a non-profit and 100% of the proceeds are going to them, so that's pretty cool.

We Heart Sweets by Twelfthgecko

For my piece you can bid on a one-of-a-kind 11 x 17 archival print which is starting at $9.99, which I think is a pretty good deal. I have no plans to ever run prints of this piece myself (I think that would undermine the point of the charity) so if you want a beautiful quality print of it, this may be your only chance.

[It's up on E-bay here.]

As you can see, the "" watermark is NOT on the print. The print is hi-res and unwatermarked.

My print is only up for SIX MORE DAYS (until Oct 3rd) so go for it!!!

And you can finally check out ALL of these badass Katamari-inspired pieces @


On August 17th, two weeks from today, author John Reed's book Tales of Woe will be hitting stores with two of my illustrations in it. Put out by MTV Press, the book will be available online (Amazon) and at major retailers like Barnes & Nobles and (I'm told) Urban Outfitters. This is my first major print gig, so it's something to be excited about. :woohoo:

Woe is a thoroughly depressing book of true stories about terrible things happening to ordinary people. :crying: Here's the blurb:

"True stories of totally undeserved suffering. Spectacularly depressing. Nobody gets their just deserts. Crushing defeats. No happy endings. Abject misery. Pointless, endless grief.

No lessons of temperance or moderation. No saving grace. No divine intervention. No salvation.
Sin, suffering, redemption. That’s the movie, that’s the front page news, that’s the story of popular culture—of American culture. A ray of hope. A comeuppance. An all-for-the-best. Makes it easier to deal with the world’s misery—to know that there’s a reason behind it, that it’ll always work out in the end, that people get what they deserve. The fact: sometimes people suffer for no reason. No sin, no redemption—just suffering, suffering, suffering. Tales of Woe compiles today’s most awful narratives of human wretchedness. This is not Hollywood catharsis (someone overcomes something and the viewer is uplifted), this is the katharsis of Ancient Greece: you watch people suffer horribly, and then feel better about your own life. Tales of Woe tells stories of murder, accident, depravity, cruelty, and senseless unhappiness: and all true.
The Tales: strange, unexpected, morbidly enticing. Told straight—with elegance, restraint, and simplicity. The design: a one-of-kind white text on black paper, fluidly readable, and coupled with fifty pages of full-color art."

I did illustrations for the stories "Pop Gun" and "Crime Scene Centerfold." The story for "Crime Scene Centerfold" was particularly disturbing (you'll have to read it to see what I mean). But John was a great author to work with; reasonable, patient, and, even when the book got delayed over a year, he put the artists first and paid us all on time. Which is incredibly decent in the current economy, where freelancers are getting stiffed left and right. So John, your book may be about terrible things, but you yourself are actually a pretty great guy. Thanks.

Most of the illustrations are available online here, mine are the first two (my name is on 'em). Apparently I was shipped an advance copy of the book but they sent it to Connecticut (since, at the time I worked on them, three years ago, I was living there) so I still haven't seen it in person yet. Hopefully it looks good. When the 17th rolls around, check it out at Barnes & Noble, ask your local bookstore to carry it, and if you're interested in pre-ordering, B&N currently has it at the discounted price of $13.50 (down from $20) currently. BALLIN'.

And, just a reminder -- I will be at PHILADELPHIA ALTERNATIVE COMIC CON this Sunday, August 8th from 12 - 6 PM. It is being held at The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut St. in Philly, and I will be sharing a table with my beau Robin Enrico and the magical Catherine Peach. If you are in the Philly area, please drop by! <3

I'm still pretty jazzed about the new works-in-progress Twelfthgecko Press Blog:

[click it]


Okay, so, going out a limb here, but if any of you are in the Philly Area, I'm going to be sharing a table with professorboyfriend Robin Enrico and the likewise rainbowtastic Catherine Peach ONE WEEK FROM TODAY (so Sunday, August 8th). The convention goes from 12 - 6 PM and is taking place at The Rotunda, which according to the website is 4014 Walnut St. Not being from Philly (and nor have I ever been to Philly before), I have no idea where that is, but Robin does and he's driving, so I should end up there.

I don't actually think any of you guys are from Philly, or live even remotely near Philly. That's okay though. Sometimes (and I know this is hard to believe) people creepily lurk about my page, and those creepy people...well, they might be from Philly. HEY CREEPERS, COME TO MY TABLE AT PHILADELPHIA ALTERNATIVE COMIC CON. I'LL GIVE YOU COMICS.

Okay. My work is done here.


P.S. Pssst, I'm still really excited about the new works-in-progress Twelfthgecko Press Blog:

[click it]

Did you check it out yet? Because you should. I've actually been updating it consistently! Who knew??

Don't Hate Me but I Started a Blog :/

Mon Jul 26, 2010, 12:07 PM

So I'm starting to feel kind of like a huge whore because I have accounts everywhere (here, myspace, facebook, youtube, etsy, etc, etc) but I'm doing all this work-in-progress stuff that didn't really seem to have a good outlet in any of those sites.

Soo...I did the unforgivable.

[click it]

Yeah, I feel like a tool, but that's my problem, not yours. 8D;; Let's talk about the blog! Here is where I'll be posting sketchy things, draft-y things, and anything comic-related that's not polished enough to hang out here. If I ever redo my website (unlikely) I'll probably just integrate the blog and etsy into the top bar links.

Right now I'm working on a miniminicomic about Charles and Renfield, you know...these kids:

Sketchbook - Charles+Renfield by Twelfthgecko

And post #1 is about that. I want to get it done in time for the Philly convention so I've only got ten days;sdkfjasfjh. BETTA HUSTLE, LITTLE KIKI.

Anyway, thanks for putting up with me. ilu guyse. :heart:


ETA: I found a way to magically hook up the blog so it will simultaneously update my Facebook page notes. YAY FUN.

No Thanks, July

Wed Jul 21, 2010, 5:14 PM

So July has not been kind to me. I had been working at this small coffeeshop out in Bushwick since May but I was basically forced to quit due to a lot of BS and drama and rampant unprofessional-ism from my boss(es). It was upsetting (to say the least) and now I'm stuck trying to find a new job in the month before school starts. Ugh.

Anyway, I'll have some good news soon, I'm planning to be at Philadelphia Alternative Comic Con on the 8th of August, with professorboyfriend Robin. And my first big illustration gig is finally being published in August, they've asked me to do the official press two weeks prior so I'll let you know about that. :] It's work I did almost three years ago now, lol, the publishing process got delayed a bunch of times. (It's not my personal book, I'm one of a handful of illustrators in it.)

I'm hoping August will be better, but who knows. :C