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400k3r V1.2

By TweezeTyne
Daz Studio 4.6 -> Octane -> CS6

Thanx for looking. :-)
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I know it's been six years since you did this piece, but i think the idea of a cyborg hooker is marvelously incongruous. Like, would I really trust my naughty bits to a machine? Ouch! And yet, in this world, apparently some customers do.

How about showing this or other cyborgs in other sex worker situations? Like, how about a cyborg streetwalker under a streetlight in front of a bar? A cyborg stripper? A cyborg pole dancer? A cyborg lap dancer? A cyborg Playboy bunny? A Playmate of the month shoot? A woman coming home to her husband with a cyborg? A cop trying to figure out how to cite a cyborg for soliciting? A cyborg working at Hooters? A cyborg in the washroom at pimp central with a sign that says, "Cyborgs must sterilize after each customer?"

A cyborg lined up with a display case of vibrators?

A cyborg at a nude beach, near the sign that warns, "Beyong this point you may encounter nude sunbathers?"
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oh that 911 ...

our 400k model actually earns her keep & is virtually inexhaustible....a money machine!
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Great Pic! She Is HOT! :love:
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"Hey sailor, looking to party?"
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