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I am thinking about opening up commissions for the first time! 
Of course, if anyone is willing to pay ;w;;;;; It will be through Paypal and points. 

Full body, lineart and colour - $4 / 400 points  
Adding another character - $2 / 200 points

Willing to be very flexible on how you would like me to draw... positions, mini comics etc n u n  
I will do anything but gory... (not very good at drawing that stuff haha)

If anyone would like to buy send me a note!
If you have any questions please leave a comment below.

<3 Thank you for your time guys <3

Ill be away until next week so no uploads! Sorry for the wait for requests, I'm so slow at it fffffffff

Anyway have safe week guys ~~
Hey guys! Sorry about those requests slowing down, I was busy with work and of course family as Christmas just went by... and not only that I have a new laptop! I want set up again on my new laptop before I draw so requests will be on hold for now.

Thank you for understanding!!
Hope you guys had a very merry Christmas and see you in 2015!! ^ v ^
Hey guys!!

Just wanted to say that requests are closed now, well, until I finish the ones that are already set ^u^ 

I will promise that I will get through everyone that has requested so please do not worry!

Hey guys I guys saw that they are having the next episode based on Pewdiepie in a way???
My life is completed... Felix was pretty pumped about it on Twitter! CAN'T WAIT! 

Also requests are closed for the rest of the year! Thanks everyone that have requested I will get through them throughout the year.

1. I will do my friends requests first, then everyone else! 
2. I will probably do people that haven't had a drawing from me before requests earlier. 

Thanks for understanding! 
Bye bye everyone~~~ 
Hey guys if you want to request please comment here for me!

Just a quick thing,
I will only reply three at a time because I don't want to confuse myself ahah
So when I have done the three, I will get onto the next three.

Guys, I have bought the New Nintendo DS and I'm getting it today woohoo!!
I would love to connect with you guys so if you want, give me your friend code~ I will reply back with my!

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire or Pokemon Omega Ruby 
Animal Crossing 
Super Smash Brawl 

I LOST ALL MY GAMES AT JAPAN OK this is all I have ;_____;
Hey guys, I'm opening requests! 
I will only draw Southpark related things<33 Thank you~
I will open 3 request Slots! ^u^
I will only draw one person!
OC's only!

1. :iconisnortpixystix:
2. :iconpyriki:
3. :iconask--miki:
School has been so annoying!
I have so many exams and I must study for them ;o;
So I'll be inactive for a bit. Bye! :iconkawaiipandaplz:…
i made a facebook >w>
it would really make me happy if people liked it, it just shows me how many people really support me and my work ;w; I know i'm not pro yet but liking this page will just encourage me to draw more and more until I expolde >o<
so thank you guys for people that did! Sorry for wasting your time! ////sob
Does anyone play Maple Story? ; v ;
If anyone wanted a request or an AT please ask!!


Journal Entry: Fri Nov 9, 2012, 8:45 PM

Does anyone want to a Point Commission? :3 <33

Colour with shade -
- 6 points for ONE person
- 9 points for TWO people
- 17 points for THREE people

Just lineart -
- 3 points for one person
- 6 points for TWO people
-13 points for THREE people

I got a Tumblr! :heart:

Its pretty hard to use, so just look out for my mistakes. Q^Q
Follow me if you like! OuO

Would anyone want to do a Point Commissions? :D


Anyone want to do an artrade?

Done -
Contest ~ - Topic, Riddle!

Light as a feather, there is nothing in it; the strongest man can't hold it for much more than a minute.
You only can answer one!

Prize -
One picture with 1 person in it!





ありがとう ~

English -

Need speak English more! People had helped me type in right words in right places. No one help me now! I am all by my self!
If I make mistake please forgave me! Mom and Dad think I am old now to go on my own.

They like cheap as *W*

- 5 points for ONE person
- 8 points for TWO people
- 10 points for OVER TWO people


- 6 points for ONE person
- 9 points for TWO people
- 17 points for OVER TWO people

What effects and styles you want are down below. (Chose what you would like ^^)