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Zniw Adventure - coverart

I have some great and fantastic news everyone! Zniw Adventure is coming Nov 6, on Steam!
As for this beautiful picture, I'll just slap a link to the twitter thread to save you an unnecessary wall of text: link

When we began working on this poject around 6 years ago, Zniw Adventure was a small, one location long point 'n click game. I never would have thought it would turn into a fully fledged video game years later, but here it is! A work of love from two people from Poland, cemented into a piece of gaming.

Zniw Adventure is finally releasing and this is huge for me and my boyfriend, so please check it out on Steam (link) and share the news to those who love classic point&clicks and dinosaurs <3

Zniw wakes up! by Twarda8 Pentaceratops standing up by Twarda8
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I was following the project for a very long time. It makes me happy you finally made it. Congratulations! I'll try to get my hands on it asap <3

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Thanks so much! I can't believe it's over haha! I hope you will have fun with the game :D

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Congrats on releasing the game today.

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Thank you! I still haven't figured out how to announce it here, with this new DA layout ^^'

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Congratulations on completing the game!

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Beautiful! ❤️

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No a ja już myślłem, że ten dzień nie nadejdzie :phew: Jak rozkminię Steama to zobaczę :D

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Hej, dzięki za bycie z nami tak długo :)

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Już nie mogę się doczekać :D

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