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ZA: animated preview

Hey. I've been working with Łukasz on a game for a while now. 4, maybe 5 years, dunno really, I lost count. The game is called Zniw Adventure (I know, it's hard to pronounce. But hey, that's only the beginning of weird names, belive me). It's a point and click adventure game. You know, akin to those people used to play in 90's on computers. It's full of cartoony dinosaurs, hopefully funny dialogues, and some real facts about fellow critters you meet in an unlockable encyclopedia (sort of an ingame dinodex?).
The game is nearly completed. It needs some cutscenes, FMV, and betatest. We are only 2 people so this takes time (and if you wondered - that's the main reason I'm not posting much).

Either way it would be great if you check it out on the Steam Page >>>…
If you like the game please consider adding it to your wishlist. It will help us a lot. And if you think the game is not for you, you can simply help by sharing the info about it. Maybe the next person will like it?
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i just wanted to say that it reminds me of 90's game and then i've read description xd

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And that's the best feedback we could get. It proves that our art & gameplay style is spot on ok sign f2u 
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Thanks, glad to hear!
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Is zniw a boy or girl
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Is snow a boy or girl
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Zniw is a female dinosaur.
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That looks like a cute point-and-click game.  I like it.  :)
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Looks very charming!
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Added to my wishlist! The games looks greats, I missed this kind of "old looking" games
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Aww, thank you! Glad to read you like the "old looking" feel of the game!
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Annnnnnnnd added to my wishlist! I love point and click adventure games. <333 This looks great!
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Thanks! Glad that someone likes p&c adventure games.
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That's really cool! That is quite a while to work on an indie game. It looks adorable!
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keep up the nice work this looks adorable
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That's pretty cool.
Looking forward for this
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Very nice! :D Love the little guard!

What sort of price should I expect? 
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Less than 10 bucks we think.
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