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I'm not dead - busy.

Have sausage paws Mewtwo from Tumblr.

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Siiiiiiick :D

I love the colors!
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Widzę, że dodałaś tutaj płatny tube-neck DLC absolutnie gratis!
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It's beautiful! Nicely done! :D
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The same-face syndrome is strong in this one... just kidding. It doesn't look like the faces I bother you about haha, but his cheeks look huge with those eyes.
RiRiSqueak's avatar
Wow that looks super cool!! Its looks really pearl-y I like it ;;
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Mewtwo looks good in your style, Twarda!
gabdraws's avatar
I love the colors! Nice job! :D
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S/he's oddly cute. Nice.
ChaosMiles07's avatar
Technically, "it"? It's genderless in-game...
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I know, but the first movie Mewtwo sounded male and the second one sounded female and I didn't know if this Mewtwo was either of them or not.
ChaosMiles07's avatar
They are still referred to as "it", even if the voice is masculine/feminine. But yeah, I see your point. I had forgotten about the feminine Mewtwo...
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