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Deino (flat)

By Twarda8
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Say hello again to this boi. Here's how the painting looks like without the gif compression. I hoped to reach the playback limit before applying the 3D effect, but it hit me before that. That's the reason the painting is half its usual size, sowwy.

Deino (simulated 3D) by Twarda8<-[ugly gif compression, but hey, it does the job done.]

I always feel odd when posting 3D paintings outside Colors! Gallery, as I know you won't see the extra effort (and again - depth hehe), without some gear or crude & convoluting eyecrossing.
Like - this medium never took off and it doesn't fits in our flat online world. You either have full renders, flat 2D art, or animations - you rarely see anything between. The 3D paintings #nikogo, especially after the 3D screens fad has ended. So this time I wanted to post *both* versions of the painting to show you the full possibilites your Nintendo 3DS can do for you.

Anyway. I painted this one for a challenge on Colors! Gallery titled #redraw. Check out the 2012 artwork…! Pretty rough, eh?
As usual, I used my trusty 3DS and the lovely Colors! 3D app~<3

PS. I'm still rather dead here so feel free to visit my TWITTER if you miss my art (and other stuff).
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OMG!!! How cute!!
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Deino: Deino! Deino! ( One day I will evolve into the King Ghidorah of Pokemon! Then you are all going to die! )
Iris icon: Isn't he cute?
Deino: Deino! Deino! ( I'll kill you first, big haired girl! Your death will be slow and painful! )
 Iris icon: DAAAWWWWW!
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Sweet little baby <3
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Can we just take a moment to appreciate how good Gen 5 was? It truly shone in the dark, at least in my eyes.
All the Gens before that were great, too - as was 6. 7 and 8 are just bad in comparison.
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100% agree <3 People hated on it back in the day, but it'll forever be my top fav gen.
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I've always been a Snivy lover, come to think of it. He's my go-to starter for Gen 5.
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He's such a great designed pokemon, especially Serperior! My other fav is Dewott and Samurott!
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Samurott's cool too, although that's mainly driven by my affinity for quadrupeds.
Ironically, I never let Snivy evolve in any of the Gen 5 games. Guess it's just because I liked him the way he was.

Come to think of it, I also never let Fennekin evolve in X and Y, whereas in all the Gens before 5 I let my starters evolve freely.
Maybe I have feelings.
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Of course. Gen 5 is the pinnacle of pokemon core games, ex aequo with gen 2/HGSS in my mind.
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Never will there ever be anything like the old games again. I can tell you that for sure.
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he wanna >CHOMP< u
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Wow this look like for a pokemon card!
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Even the signature is beautiful xD
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This is really good

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