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Did you know in Pokemon GRB Charizard can't learn Fly?

How many times did you see Charizard using Flamethrower, randomly breathing fire? How many times did you see Charizard roaring? How about little change?
Flying Charizard using its tail? Why not? This works fine for me!

My GIMP stoped responding after I made colour sketch. I was forced to colour it all over again. Imaginate how happy I was.
And how my back and butt hurted.

This was requested by :iconmatto-sakujo: I promised her I will do Charizard picture after I evolve my beloved Czaruś (Charmeleon till lv 78)
I made error writting lv on the picture
Even if you can't Fly, you can still use Dig.


Blastoise by Twarda8
CharmanderRealistic Charmander by Twarda8
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