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Imagine yourself resting in park or other nice, warm and sunny place... And then suddenly a big shadow covered you. You look into sky and see a Blastoise falling at you. WILD BLASTOISE APPEARED!
That are my thoughs whenever I'm looking at this picture.
I'm tired of seeing standing Blastoise, Blastoise doing Hydro Pump or Surf. Even Blastoise from back was used as an official art. I bet I saw Blastoise from "top", swiming through the water somewhere. But did anyone do Blastoise from its underside?

I liked how I made my Charizard and I tried do similar thing with Blastoise. Do I succeded?


Did you know few first Blastoise's artworks shows Blastoise with different back-shell? The same goes with GRB sprites.
Did you also know Blastoise appeared few times in the anime with 5 or 4 fingers instead of 3?

Who else think it should be Water/Steel type?

Charizard by Twarda8
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