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Do dinosaurs enjoy Christmas?

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 19, 2017, 1:42 PM

Hello everyone!

Long time no see (in this form of communicating anyway)! It's almost end of 2017, the global warming causes the snowy Winter to be late, and the toxic air pollution is calmy coating the city. In other words: it's about the time to update you with another (second this year?!) journal! Oh boy, It's been so long that even my journal-skin began falling appart... But let's get started, and as usual, bear with my English!

So first, what did the 2017 bring to me? Well, there were some horrible things that influenced my life here and there, but I think it'll be better if I skip that part. After all, the life is dull enough as it is. But there were some good moments too!

Perhaps some of you wonder how's Zniw Adventure. If you didn't know, our video game is getting more and more finished (95%, the lst 5% takes the longest!) Yes, yes, we are aware of a huge release delay ^^' But the game grew much larger than the initial idea, and you know what? For a point'n'click game being developed by just 2 people (let's us not forget about Denis though, who makes the music for us!), with limited time, I think we are doing a damn good job :D Of course, me and CrashPL are very glad for all the support and feedback we get, so kudos to our fans (and to Tomozaurus as well) :) Be patient all of you, cuz the release date is soon (yaaay). Or at least sooner than later.
We have prepared something nice to sweeten the wait though, and at the time of writting this, we are hard working each day and night to provide you *le gasp* the definitive demo! A such game needs lots of testing and bug fixes before going into the public, but hopefully, the demo will be ready before the 24th December. Hopefully. Be sure to check out for updates if you want to play it!
Zniw Adventure Baner by Twarda8
What else happened in 2017? Making a video game (an indie video game) changes one's life. And you meet lots of different people too! Zniw Adventure gave us opportunity to show the game on PGA. That was the biggest event I ever attended to, and it was me who was showing the stuff! A certainly stressful situation, but the feedback we got was priceless! The other, not so exciting, change is that I don't have time for personal art (as seen here and elsewhere) :B and all I do all the time is drawing cartoon dinosaurs, animating them, and do commissions to brighten my day. Most of these skip DA, so you perhaps think I'm dead or something, but the truth is, I'm mass producing tiny drawings daily :D

Other news? I have a new cell phone! And it is a smartphone! And I hate capacitive touchscreens! But it doesn't matter, the phone is cool and works, unlike the previous one lol. Crash got me a pretty black DSlite, and now I'm happier than ever. Its screen is much better than phat's and it is ligher too!

What else? CRASH FREAKING BANDICOOT REMAKE! And announced MediEvil remaster sounds tasty too! Did I say tasty? New'n'Tasty maybe? It looks like Oddworld Inhabitants is also preparing a new game from the universe too (much creepier this time!). Now throw me some Spyro in the bundle and my life will be mostly fullfiled. Mostly, cuz I'm really salty over pkmn games and I wait for the great revival (hope dies last).

My family got a news cat! She is a mischievious little cat, but we love her anyway.

And last but not least? Do dinosaurs like Christmas?! If you know Pidgeonese or Chickenese, then you could try asking you neighbour pidgeon, or a local chicken (try to avoid the meal topics tho). For the unfortunate others who can't understand any of the bird languages, don't worry! Because I asked Zniw what she thinks and she was confused about the idea. No wonder, she lives many MANY years before the first human even appeared, haha. But she seems to like the custom, especially the present giving part. That is, when she is the one who gets the presents ;) Speaking of dinosaurs and present, I think I may know a place for that, and the dinosaurs living there are perfectly accustomed to our traditions! I'm presenting Chicken Wings website, where you can admire some really nice dinosaur artwork and merchendise - all with the attempt to be scientific accurate! So, if you like your dinosaurs less cartoony, then check out Chicken Wings. Who knows, maybe you will find something for your close one to put under the Christmas Tree?

Eek, would you look at that! I spent almost a hour writting this, and it's still not html/DA-optimalized oh boi. Gotta go cuz my schedule is calling! I know nobody has the time and patience to read journals nowadays, but I hope this one satisfied the very few ones who still read them!

But anyway, if you don't feel like reading masses of text, or waiting for Arceus knows how long for the next journal update, then I suggest following me on  Twitter or something, where I throw some goodies and info as more bite-sized posts.

So, Merry X-mas everyone, happy New Year and yaddayadda whatever you wish for.


Edits: spelling fixes, added a missing link, and did other corrections

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  • Playing: Picross 3D
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Cleaning my Favourites. In case you have notification mess from me, then that's why.
Was busy but gotta resume posting ZA & other stuff on DA. I think I skipped few artworks here and there? Also, to those who have been waiting for my PMs, I should be able to check your issues/works this week. 
Commissions are closed! I will reopen in 2018.
But maybe I do Black Friday sale. Maybe.
I didn't post it here so here it is:
A quick DA update for those who actually follow my commission status on this site: all of the remaining commissions are moved to October.
Main, and rather unexpected, reason:…
See you soon in Poznan!


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