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Thanks so much for your support, everyone! 
If you missed the kickstarter, keep an eye on my Storenvy shop - I'll be posting the charms there at some point in the next month!

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Hi! I'm running my first Kickstarter this month! The campaign will run until May 9, 2018! Please check it out! :D


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Heyyyy... 2017 was a rough year for me, here's hoping 2018 is better!

Title Unrelated will be returning in January, but you'll have to read it on my website!

My artistic goal for the coming year is to achieve some level of stability and work on improving my skills.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all have a great new year as well!
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Heyyyyy Sorry I've been absent lately! I'm busy busy busy! Here's what's up:

1. The Promote Everyone Project!

I’m excited to announce that I’m participating in a cool cross-promotion campaign on Patreon for the next few months! This month’s promotee is Fox, author of the webcomic Hey Kitty. His goal is to reach 30 Patrons this month! Can we help him reach that? I’ll be doing a special piece of artwork that will be viewable by both our respective sets of patrons when he does! ;)
Next month I’ll be promoting somebody else! If you’re interested in learning more about the Promote Everyone Project, go here:…

2. Anime Crossroads!

I'll be selling art and books February 24-26 At the Wyndham West in Indianapolis! BE THERE OR BE SQUARE! for more info!


That's right! I'm planning to run my first kickstarter soon! It will be to cover printing of Title Unrelated Volume 3 as well as reprints of Volumes 1-2! STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS AND GET HYPE!

Remember you can read Title Unrelated online for free, and be sure to check out my Patreon page!
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I'll be at Indy Comic Con at the end of this month, and then TCAF in mid-May!!
Also, the move to Spider Forest is complete, my site looks a lot nicer! :D
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News! has joined the comics collective Spider Forest (! The main website will be moving to their hosting service soon.

March 11-13 I'll be at TFF in Dallas - not tabling, just attending, but I'd love to say hi to anybody who's there!
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I'm planning to start posting updates on again in the next couple of weeks (tentatively Feb 22)! Mark your calendars! : D

You can also follow TU on our Tapastic mirror, now:…
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I was tagged by :iconsinesquared: a few months ago, and just now got around to answering this, haha.

1.  What's your comfort zone when you just want to draw something to relax?

Drawing to relax? What's thaaaaat? XD IDK I like to doodle birds, pokemon or designs in my sketchbook, maybe do a bit of watercolor. I find watercolor really relaxing because I can't be a perfectionist about it!

2.  What's the best commission or request you've ever received?  The worst?

Best one, "Mattapod" - which was basically a metapod with a beard requested by a dude named Matt.
Worst one... Ehhhh IDK about "worst" but I remember a challenging one where I had to draw a character wearing armor from a video game - but there were almost NO image refs for it! I didn't hate it, it was just a real challenge and I probably should have been paid more. XD

3.  When do you find time to do art?

It's my job. Finding time for OTHER stuff is the hard part!

4.  Is there anyone who really inspired your style?

OMG too many to list/remember. I've been inspired a lot by people who are actually kinda my online art peers, tbh. I've had a bit of influence from anime and cartoons.

5.  Tell me a story about how you improved on your art, based on some revelation you had when you saw something or someone told you something or something!

The first time I really thought about incorporating anatomy into my art was when somebody on Yerf yeeeeears ago commented "where are their ribcages?" about a pic of my characters. XD

6.  Are you any good at taking critique?

I don't really know, because I don't get critique that often! I imagine I would be by now, though!

7.  What kind of art are you totally sick of seeing these days?

Mainstream Superhero art where ppl are copying Jim Lee.

8.  Do you ever compare the art process to something else?  Like, playing an instrument or sports or something...

I tend to compare it to an RPG or a shonen fighting anime. I have to level up my skills by training/grinding hard so I can achieve my dreams! XD

9.  Do your friends draw?

Most of them, yes.

10.  What's your favorite animal?

(For the sake of argument let's take "animal" to mean "mammal" and I'll say... Elephant Shrew? Sure!)

OK here's my list of questions:
1. If you ink, have you ever tried inking with a brush?
2. Do you prefer to work in color or black and white?
3. Which is harder to draw: people or animals?
4. Have you ever tried drawing animals from life?
5. What's your favorite type of landscape to draw/paint/whatever you do?
6. Have you ever accidentally drank from your paint water or put your brush into your drinking container?
7. Have you ever drawn or written a comic?
8. Mechanical pencil or traditional pencil?
9. What mobile games do you play when you're procrastinating on working on art or sitting in the bathroom?
10. Has your art ever been displayed in a gallery or physical shop?

Tagging: :iconironpaw:, :iconzombiedaisuke:, :iconobonic:, :icontechnikos43:, :iconredvioletpanda: I'm too lazy to add any more sorry. XD
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Hi! Did you know that art is my full-time job? For which I rarely get paid?

If you'd like to support me you can do so on my Patreon page:

When you pledge you'll be able to read updates of Title Unrelated Chapter 0 every other week! Whoah!

If you don't use Patreon, you can also subscribe for Chapter 0 updates via Gumroad: - but you won't get access to all the OTHER goodies I offer on my Patreon page.

If you can't donate money I totally understand. You can still help out, though, by spreading the word about my comic!
:star: :star:

Thanks for reading!
Upcoming Conventions:

May 2 - Hometown Comics (Greenfield, IN) - Free Comic Book Day! I'll be giving away some minis! If you're in Indy come say hi!

May 16-17 - Appleseed Comic Con (Ft. Wayne, IN)

June 4-7 - ColossalCon (Sandusky, OH)

June 20-21 - Derby City Comic Con (Louisville, KY) We've had to cancel on this one, sorry. : (

June 26-28 - Indy Pop Con (Indianapolis, IN)
This weekend (March 13-15) I'll be in the Artist Alley at Indiana Comic Con in Indianapolis! 

Next weekend (20-22) I'll be in the Artist Alley at Shuto Con in Lansing Michigan!

April 19 is INDYpendent show in Indy.

April 24th I'll be on the panel "Webcomics Now!" At C2E2 in Chicago!

Hope to see some of you there! : D
Chapter 4 is starting up on the website this week! follow along at!

I'll post pages here afterwards like usual.

thanks for reading!

Hello to all my fine readers! Did you know that Chapter 3 of Title Unrelated is almost over? Starting in November I’m going to take a much-needed break for a few months while I prepare to start on Chapter 4!

During that time it’d be great if I had some stuff to post, and what better way to fill a gap than with guest art!

I’m looking for Fanart, Short stories/comics, crafts, or whatever else you do best - the only requirements are: 

- It must be related to Title Unrelated and/or the characters therein. (AUs/what-ifs are fine though! Get creative! You wanna draw my characters as birds/robots/types of cheese? Go for it!)

- It must be rated PG-13 or below

If you have any questions about character or world specifics that haven’t been answered in the comic so far, please feel free to ask me!
And don’t worry about spaces filling up - there will be PLENTY of time to run everyone’s art, and I don’t anticipate being flooded with submissions anyway.

What do you get in return?

- Credit on the main TU site/tumblog and a link to your site/blog/whatever

- PRIZES??? It’s not really a contest but I plan on coming up with something cool to reward everyone who submits something!


- Email your work to: gloriapike(AT)gmail(DOT)com

- Please try to make sure all image files are appropriately resized for web viewing - try to keep it below 1280px on the longest side. I can resize images if I need to, of course.

- Be sure to include the NAME you want credit under, and any link(s) to your site or blog (please specify if your site/blog contains NSFW stuff so that I can mark it as such!)

I’ll try to let you know when your piece is going to run so you can brag about it! ; )

If I’ve forgotten anything please let me know! Thanks in advance!

Oh, and for those wondering why I haven't updated TU on dA lately: I'm going to post the remainder of Chapter 3 all at once. I have just been very busy lately. : )

Well, Cincy Comic Expo was our last major show of the year - Thanks to all the new readers and everybody who visited our table!

As for the rest of the year:

-- Awesome Con Oct 3-5 (Indianapolis) - I'll be on 2 panels and have some books at the Indy Webcomics Group booth! (more info here:

-- Indypendent Show Nov 16 (Indianapolis) - I'll have a table at this local creator-oriented show! (more info here:…)

Thanks again for reading, everyone!
Conventions, 2014:

Appleseed Comic Con - Ft. Wayne, IN - May 17-18
Indy PopCon - Indianapolis, IN - May 30-Jun 1
Louisville Anime Weekend - Louisville, KY - July 4-6
Indiana Toy & Comic Expo - Indianapolis, IN - July 20
Ikasucon - Ft. Wayne, IN - Aug 1-3
Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival - Aug 17
Cincinnati Comic Con - Cincinnati, OH - September 5-7
Cincinnati Comic Expo - Cincinnati, OH - September 19-21
HEY! Big shout outs to everybody who came to our table! You were all wonderful! :heart:

We had a blast at our first Artist Alley! Everything went really great! I sold a lot of prints and a ton of Pokemon ACEOs!

Thanks everyone!
Tentatively, I'll be in the artist alleys at the following:

Indiana Comicon - March 14-16
Cincy Comicon - Sep 5-7
Cincinnati Comic Expo - Sep 19-21

I was too late to apply to a lot of things for this year, hopefully next year I can do more!
(and if anybody has any suggestions for cons that are still open for later in 2014 or ones I should try to get in next year, please let me know!!!)
Hey! I'm gonna be attending Ohayocon on the 25th! If anybody wants to meet up or anything give me a holler!
Not closed due to demand but rather due to the lack of it. *shrugs*

I'll just be over here, drawing my comics.