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Challenge 16

Challenge 16

The theme for this month is "TEXTURE". I look forward to seeing your various interpretations! Have fun with it!

- Neither white NOR black are allowed in this round.

- All submissions are due before midnight GMT on the 1st of March, and voting will go from then until the 7th of March.
--> This link should be useful if you need any time-zone help: [link]

- Creating a new piece of artwork is encouraged.

- Please submit to the featured section of the #Colour-Schemes gallery so everyone can see and so it's officially entered in the challenge! We will move the challenges to the appropriate folder ourselves. You can of course reply here with a link, too, because then we have happy confirmation.

All other rules about #Colour-Schemes can be found here in the group's blog: [link]

Happy drawing, everyone!
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I must collect all these challenges, for later use~ These are just so much fun.
twapa's avatar
Haha, awesome. Hey even though the contests for these are over it can still be fun to play with the colors! :D
Dream-Piper's avatar
Not gonna get anything XD But thought it would be fun to try XD
twapa's avatar
Remember to submit this to the group, please!
Dream-Piper's avatar
Thanks! I had forgotten!
Tench's avatar
[link] here's my entry, hope i'm not late :)
twapa's avatar
Nope, you're fine!
smiling-abuse's avatar
First timer here hope i do this right...[link]
twapa's avatar
Remember to submit to the featured gallery in the group! : )
smiling-abuse's avatar
ok thanks... ha dur, *slaps forhead
fukuhashi343's avatar
[link] to my Feb challenge pic
ashtronomic's avatar
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RedVioletPanda's avatar
These colors remind me of a character of mine. Now I need to make time between my commissions and all of the other things.
Rakkiya's avatar
Colours are kinda a no-go for me. =P
chameleocoonJ's avatar
Ooh, nice colors! :D I'll try and make an entry for this one. ^^
Mini-Drachin's avatar
The colours are great
31 February?
are you sure?
twapa's avatar
lol omg I can't believe I missed that. XD
fukuhashi343's avatar
I like the colors. They make me think about baking. :laughing: It'll be a challenge getting to the 31st of Feb. ;)
twapa's avatar
hahaha sorry I forgot to change the date! XD
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