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Fox Creator 1.2
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Published: November 1, 2014
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:cherryblossom: INFO

Alright! Let's try this: Here is the updated, restored version of Fox Creator!
I hope we don't have new bugs now xD please keep your eyes open and let me know if you find something suspicious ;P
I hope you enjoy the game as well as the new stuff available with this version.
Again thx to the people that supported me! I love you guys~

Now have fun playing~

WHAHA I have a Backup Copy this time!!!! Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 

:cherryblossom: RULES

You may...
:bulletblack: Use image for your own char
:bulletblack: Use image as avatar
:bulletblack: Sell adopables for points or real money
:bulletblack: Use lines for reference
:bulletblack: Please follow deviantArts rules!

You may NOT...
:bulletblack: use the game to make profit (This excludes Adoptables)
For example: Sell T-Shirts with the image

I would love if you give credit to the game and also link back here! :bademoticon: 

:cherryblossom: FAQ

Q: How can I save the picture?
A: Use the Save option. The game will save the image as .png

Q: Something is wrong with my saved image D:
A: Check if the .png ending is there... Windows loves to eat it...

Q: I always get the same achivement every time I play the game!
A: Seems like saving is not working for you. Pleas send me a note!

Q: I have a question :I
A: Feel free to ask!

might add more later...


Don't want to bother with finding them? Check out my very short quick guid or the
more informative fan made guid!
Quick guide:
fanmade guide:

:cherryblossom: CHANGELOG

01.11.2014 Release Version 1.0
17.05.2015 Release Version 1.2
- C Bugfix
- Scrollbar Bugfix
- New Achievement Infoscreen
- New stuff
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Comments (3517)
Z3r0--Art's avatar
Z3r0--Art|Student General Artist
Yeah how tf do I do this? Where’s the link? What’s going on? How and where are people making these things???
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1tsabelle's avatar
Sorry if this sounds dumb but how do we get wings? Is it an achievement or am i just not searching in the right place??
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1tsabelle's avatar
jks i did it!! :D
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FoxyThePirateFox131's avatar
FoxyThePirateFox131|Hobbyist General Artist
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Gay-Trash-Adopts's avatar
Gay-Trash-Adopts|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i can't seem to get my images to save, i checked to make sure the .png was at the end and everything
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55xXGlai-s-z-s-eXx55's avatar
[OC] {MyFox} Glaise ver. fox (?) by 55xXGlai-s-z-s-eXx55  
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catcat368's avatar
catcat368|Student Artist
Ooh it looks like her name should be Rose
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55xXGlai-s-z-s-eXx55's avatar
Awwwww Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose 
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Tsunami878's avatar
Tsunami878|Hobbyist General Artist
I made some adopts:
1 point fox adopt OPEN by Tsunami878

1 point fox adopt OPEN by Tsunami878
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catcat368's avatar
catcat368|Student Artist
anyone know how to unlock wings?
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Matsusso's avatar
Grew by Matsusso He is Grew and he's Rai's twin brother.
  Rai by Matsusso She is Rai and she's Grew's twin sister. 
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beautiflyblue786's avatar
beautiflyblue786|Student Filmographer
This is Kika, she hides behind a mask....

With mask:  Kika with mask by beautiflyblue786  Without mask:  Kika without mask by beautiflyblue786  

Name: Kika (Kee-ka)
Age: unknown but appears to be 3 (in human years)
Backstory: Kika used to be teased for her unnatural eye colour and patterns so she made the mask for herself, however foxes still teased her for having a mask.
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INightMedic's avatar
   This is Michael and I love him and this Fox Creator. Michael is actual name since I can't come up with better names except for my own. MyFox by INightMedic
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Matsusso's avatar
Lance by Matsusso Old Lance  Lance by Matsusso New Lance xd 
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Matsusso's avatar
Bocky by Matsusso Bocky  Bocky by Matsusso  and he in mask and hat for travel.
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Matsusso's avatar
Lance by Matsusso He is Lance
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sdfgg8's avatar
i has great avatars u may copy if ud like dont care fine by me lol

her name is shadow.. after her brother killed she started going insane she wanted her self hidden from other fox beings she wanted revenge on the person who killed her brother.
were she grew up: Rey island were her mother and father ruled along with her brother
now days: living in the shadows where her parents banished her.
she can fly, make portals phantom beam, speed. 

before she was banished                          banished... went insane                    came back for revenge 
before shadow (cotton ) by sdfgg8   Shadow by sdfgg8   Shadow Legandry by sdfgg8   
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KestrelPath's avatar
Iyce, female.
Princess of the Ice Kingdom, and is always jealous of other people because they live plain lives.
Can transform from a fox to a human- see the Character Creator for her human version.
Iyce by KestrelPath  
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KestrelPath's avatar
Ryose. She can transform from a fox to a human, and back again, in a split second.
She was scorned as a child for her abilities and her rosy coloring, so she wears a skull to hide her face.
She can fly, but prefers to stick to the ground.
Ryose by KestrelPath  
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TreePotatoYeetQueen's avatar
My others(my favs) I got more
MyFox.png Marrionette by TreePotatoYeetQueen Marrionette(fnaf)  MyFox.png Me by TreePotatoYeetQueen Me  MyFox.png Ultra me by TreePotatoYeetQueen Ultra me  MyFox.png Godess me by TreePotatoYeetQueen Goddess me  MyFox.png Demon me by TreePotatoYeetQueen Demon me 
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TreePotatoYeetQueen's avatar
Hi I all,  I just got my account and I have made a couple of these before I got the account so I hope you like them :). MyFox.png Normal sis by TreePotatoYeetQueen My sis  Ultra me MyFox.png Blood by TreePotatoYeetQueen Blood  MyFox.png Fennekin by TreePotatoYeetQueen Fennekin  MyFox.png Braixen by TreePotatoYeetQueen Braixen  MyFox.png Delphox by TreePotatoYeetQueen Delphox 
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DangThatWolfyChu's avatar
MyFox5 by DangThatWolfyChu  The games Fox (It is trash) MyFox4 by DangThatWolfyChu  Rainbow Fox MyFox3 by DangThatWolfyChu My Wolfox  Foxerflly by DangThatWolfyChu  My FoxerFly Catterpillar by DangThatWolfyChu CatterFox 
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