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Silent Night iTunes for CAD

original iTune skin & resources by :icondahlia-7:

full preview: [link]
© 2009 - 2021 tw7816
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The type is not showing...
how to install on my windwos 7?
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how to isntall dis? :(
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hey man, .. just for you to know: there's someone re-releasing your skin here: [link] :hmm:
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with my visual style i created for windows the result is excellent :)

any change the share the wall used ? i like this color, it allows to emphasizes the style of silent night
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Font is Lucida Grande
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I love it!

...but I have a Problem.
I use it with foobar 2000 v.1
and the foo_cdartdisplay.dll
but I see no title an no time.
Witch font do you use for It?
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what's that font? :) tnx

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that are the letters or the Font

use Google translator than you will check it my friend.

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(Slovenian) Pisava = Font (English)
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Sorry you are from China

字體 or 字体 = Font
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Hey I want to post my mod of this skin on DA. Can I do? I'll give credit for sure ;)
How do you apply it to itunes taskbar if you don't mind me asking?
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wow, awesome skin. :thumbsup:
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