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Shape Synergy

Re-edit of an old picture.. I'm sorry I haven't posted many new photos this summer but autumn is coming and I'm ready to capture all it's beauty if I'm lucky :)

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top sensation of cold forest

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Your atmospheres are great.  Are you using smoke bombs or misters to add depth to the air?  It's a great idea.  I'm somewhat inspired to make a movie with just such an effect.  Or perhaps you just happen upon such sights, if so, good wandering.  :)
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No I don't use smoke bombs, lol.. I just go out when it's foggy, nature does all the work for me ;)
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Your command of nature is impressive.  It fogs about once a year were I live so fog just looks so compelling.  Thanks for letting me know about your process.  :)
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This is beautiful :) I used this photo as reference for my painting because it's so peaceful & quiet. Loved it x 1000 Love 
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A mysterious picture... Great job :)
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.. y los arboles de tus fotos siempre bailan..  :)
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Indeed, straight trees are so boring.. I want to see them dance! :D
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Let the dancing begin! :D
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don't you just love creepy forests?
Meowth Uh Oh 
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This reminds me of Bloodborne, like this pic.😎
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WOW, that is beautiful! :'O
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Slender man, come rescue us!
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fantastic shot :)
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Love the atmosphere!
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this is amazing
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I like the way the brightest spot is off center!  Nice!
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