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Red, The Fighter (Backstory Illustration)

This piece has been on the backburner for almost a year and is an update to the first version back in 2013 HERE. Finally finishing this piece has lifted a weight off my shoulders and finally gives me the push to work on my illustrated novel Swordplay and continue pushing out the remaining 9 character backstory illustrations!

Thank you to everyone these past couple months for your support and kindness! My life is dedicated to drawing this often forces me to be alone and the letters, comments, and feedback makes everything worth it. 

Below is Red's backstory which I'm currently doing some test pages on drawing out whether it be traditional, digital, or a mix of both. So stay tuned if you're interested and I look forward to sharing what's next =D

Red's Backstory

The Fighter

Red aquired her tough personality growing up alongside three older brothers. Even as a kid, she was treated like one of the boys and never really felt left out just because she was their sister. Instead they now had a fourth player for the games they would play. Being the youngest, she loved feeling included with them and took on a sense of pride because of it. She was certainly a tomboy and would always rather play rough with the boys then be around the girls her own age.

Her entire family all grew a particular shade of scarlet hair so it’s no surprise that each of them had been nicknamed some variation of “Red” at some point in their life. It was more of a passing trend for the brothers but Red took ownership of the label and associated herself as the color. She even began introducing herself to others as such over many years, to the point where her parents eventually stopped attempting to correct her.

As she grew up, the decision to consider the knight's training seemed like the best path to venture down. She had always admired the rangers and scouts in the ranks of the Kingdom. She would bother her parents constantly about letting her travel abroad to train with the others like her. Around the age of seventeen her parents finally yielded to her request and she travelled south to the docks to officially begin her training. The dock trainers proved to be difficult and Red struggled at first with some of the tasks and requirements. She was never given any leniency though she never wanted it. With practice and repetition she became acquainted with the routine. She worked hard and made a name for herself doing odd jobs and her humor was always appreciated after a long day.

Although there were mostly men and knights in close proximity, there were a few other girls her age, along with the lively old wives and some undesirables. However, there was one particular girl that stood out to Red. She was the daughter to an established shipping merchant. She was rather beautiful and often caught the attention of the boys whenever she would drop by. Initially, this both irritated and intimidated Red if she was being honest with herself. However, one day this girl noticed Red training with the rest of the scouts and waited until the session was over to introduce herself to Red. Then they ended up talking, late into that very night. They were best friends just waiting to meet one another. Their personalities fit like two puzzle pieces, both different in their own way, yet connected just right. It meant a great deal to Red finally having a girl around to confide in without the need to act tough or prove her worth in front of.

She would train at the docks for two more years before heading all the way back to the Kingdom for the final two knight trials. It was a sad departure to leave her friend but she knew their friendship would last over any distance. She passed the preliminary trials with ease and was assigned to finish and complete her training under the third highest ranked knight in the kingdom. She knew of this knight’s reputation and he was well respected; Red couldn’t have asked for a better mentor. After being his apprentice for a full year, she was knighted a full fledged scout of the kingdom. She had simultaneously became overjoyed on achieving her dream and at the same time scared of not knowing, “what’s next?”
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Does she have a story id love to hear it!
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I had to hold back from commenting on everything I found in your gallery. You are so amazingly talented! I felt this urge to comment each time how wonderful your artwork is but I didn't want to spam you haha. But this applies to everything... such natural, exceptional talent like yours is something truly wonderful. So congrats on such a phenomenal gallery! Great job! And, btw, this piece in particular is so gorgeous - it just has this intangible quality that draws you to it. Love it
MeyoSky's avatar
The colors are so beautiful and you can feel the atmosphere.. Amazing work *_*
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I think I'm in love with this piece
SamWallaceArtisan's avatar
I like the balance of art styles here and she comes across as a strong character. Is this part of a comic series? 
Tvonn9's avatar
She is! I'm working developing an illustrated novel and Red is one of the main characters you follow throughout!
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This is a wonderful story that runs very close to my character, it's odd how similar they are.
grim-puppet-demon's avatar
i love your character I was just wondering if I could play her in a D&D game? i'd also like to learn more about your Red. i'd like to get more information about her, about her character.
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Yeah of course! Glad to see she inspired a D&D character =] 

I'll keep rolling more info as it comes up!
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The composition of the artwork is really well done. I love the serious expression Red has on her face! Love 
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Stunning "a little more " MGK
Owsla-Boy's avatar
This looks amazing, the colours are fantastic. 
This is one of the rare perfect drawings, if you ask me :) 
EquoNeCredite's avatar
Love the textures your painting style has. Great work, great colors!
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This is inspirational, truly amazing work.

Love the shaved head, everything about her.

You attention to the smallest of details and the skill involved is amazing!

Absolutely beautiful! 

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Thank you so much =]
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oh man...all of your pieces are soo inspiaring..:D every time when I'm feeling discouraged I just watch some of your stream on youtube and after some minutes I'm so happy and drawing again! Thanks for being, Tim!
Tvonn9's avatar
That's really cool to hear, thanks for that =]
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Such a beautiful design and I love how you painted this! She looks really thoughtful and the environment around her really adds to the atmosphere here. Wonderful!
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Thank you much! =]
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You're very welcome! :D
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This image is amazing.  I love the colours, composition and character design.
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