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March 6, 2016
A compelling composition and verdant scenery invites us into the poignant world of Chase, The Dreamer (Backstory Illustration) by Tvonn9 
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Chase, The Dreamer (Backstory Illustration)


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I have also been nicknaming this piece "On the Surface".

After many iterations and literally years on the backburner, I finally took the time to finish this Chase's backstory illustration. The response from the first Swordplay illustration with Red really gave me inspiration and motivation to continue working on these. Thank you to everyone for your support and I will hopefully finish another backstory illustration sooner than it took to finish this one!

    Progress Pics: If you wanna see more in progress pics of what I'm working on, I post more frequently on my instagram HERE!

    Available Sketchbooks: If you are interested, I have my first sketchbook full of drawings over 2013 - 2014 now available to purchase on my etsy store HERE!

Chase's Backstory

The Dreamer

Chase grew up in a small village that was surrounded by luscious, fruit bearing foliage and an abundance of Lupa trees, hence the village’s name, Palupa. Even though this village was full of color and equally colorful characters, Chase had a hard time seeing this since he was born visually impaired. And while his mother would never admit it, Chase believed the hardship of raising a child with his situation was too much to handle for his father and was the reason she was raising him alone.

Although his eyesight proved to be limiting, he maintained a positive outlook on life thanks to his loving mother. It was hard to make any friends his age, since he was pretty sheltered and seen as an outsider that didn’t talk much, but he preferred this. He found comfort without the distraction of others and preferred letting his mind wander without interruption.

He could still recognize his surroundings enough to know that Palupa provided a beautiful landscape and Chase had ambitions to see what else was out there while he could still make out general shapes and colors. Places all had a different personality about them and he wanted to meet them all, along with meeting his father in person one day regardless of the outcome. You may not have known it when first meeting Chase but his interests in learning were rich with a quiet enthusiasm. He hoped to pursue his education at a northern academy he heard about in passing.

He grew up quickly, both mentally and physically. This led to an awkwardness in his features that he hadn’t quite grown into yet. Along with his dulling eyesight, he had bushy eyebrows paired with a lanky frame and a head too large for his body. His odd looks matched his isolated personality which made him a target and subject to taunts.

As is normal with kids, Chase was singled out from time to time and given his fair share of being teased but he could generally ignore it. What hit him the hardest were the jokes pinned at his father’s absence or being a burden on his mother. Most of the kids were alright but a few were relentless. Chase felt he had some tough skin for his age, but this was really ripping into his sense of worth.

When he became a bit older, his remaining eyesight worsened. His new priority was to focus on forming new habits of counting steps, learning his surroundings, and remembering as much as he could see while still able. Eventually the other boys caught, and surpassed him physically, yet they didn’t even bother pushing him around anymore because they knew what they could say would hurt much more. As his vision started to become more of a blur, so did his inspirations and desires.

Chase just wanted to be left alone. No one could understand how he felt, and what hurt the most was thinking no one ever would. He no longer aspired to travel and had sunk into a state of uncertainty. Now, at only fifteen, he could be found just outside the village on his pier’s edge gazing blankly into the ponds water below at his own fading reflection.  
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I think this is likely one of the best pieces I have seen on Deviant Art in years. The character story combined with the image is masterful.

partmars's avatar
It's the little things that really get me, like the dangling string, the vines, the lily pads and the ripples in the water really bring the scene to life
Fantelle's avatar
Still love this. The composition is actually genius.
WrensHollow's avatar
This is *astounding*. Absolutely gorgeous on so many levels
IgySerious's avatar
This is incredible, i'm seriously out of word. 
DansArtRealm's avatar
This is incredible.
HApPIE-GIRApHIE's avatar
Oh my gawsh I just noticed the fishes! 7 years of staring later! I love it this piece is really detailed and pretty!
Tvonn9's avatar
Haha glad to hear there's something new to see with each viewing =]
Fgore's avatar
amazing piece
333DiDi333's avatar
I like how you can see a person only in the reflection, it gives a dream like feel
Tvonn9's avatar
I wanted the idea to be that we only see what's "on the surface" when we look at someone and we don't get the whole picture =]
Eonfox's avatar
I really like this. It feels like things are moving within the scene which is what I tend to be drawn to as both an artist and animator. It inspires me to hope and act upon that hope) to animate a simple scene like this without skirting the quality it possesses.
Tvonn9's avatar
Thank you and I'm sure you can if you keep that in mind while your working!
DominoComic's avatar
This picture is just so amazing and beautiful. You are now one of my favorite artists of all time. 
Tvonn9's avatar
Wow, thank you so much!
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I love it so much!
It's such amazing! ^^
LindArtz's avatar
Congratulations on your much deserved DD! :clap:
WinningDD by marphilhearts
xandraclay's avatar
Congrats on the DD! I love the vivid colors!
Dianote's avatar
It's stunning! Congrats on the DD :)
beautiful work !!!!!
YuTheElementalMage's avatar
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