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NinDB Collab 5 NES Classics

Characters drawn by members of Nintendo Database compiled by me. By the way, this is TOTALLY wallpaper size, so but this thing up on your computron.

Mario (Super Mario Bros), Link (the Legend of Zelda), Rygar, and Pit (Kid Icarus) by :icontveye363:
Fighter (Final Fantasy) and Dragon Lord (Dragon Warrior) by :iconjigglysama:
Samus (Metroid) and Billy (Double Dragon) by :iconfryguy64:
Little Mac (Punch-Out) and Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden) by :iconkohta89:
Ladd Spencer (Bionic Commando), Pocky (Kiki Kaikai), and Nana (Ice Climbers) by :iconwildcatjf:
Mega Man by :iconoldmanrupee:
Popo (Ice Climbers) by Grandy02
Alex (River City Ransom) by Nester
Devil (Devil World) and Master Higgins (Adventure Island) by 8bitretroshit
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I don't remember there being a Kiki Kaikai (Pocky & Rocky) game on the NES.
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Well, it was apparently on the Famicom. I was a little skeptical in adding that game into the mix, but in the end, I gave in.
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I believe this may be the best collab to date. fantastic work everyone!
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Wow! That's one awesome collab!! Good job all! ^^
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Oh, I noticed my Athena didn't make it - no space, lack of color, or merely forgotten? Just curious.
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Well, she didn't have any legs :P

Sorry, bro.
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Whoops. :p

It's all good, man. Thanks for compiling them all!
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Awesome - great to see them all together!

Play-Yan - I think Teev said something along the lines of it needed to be colored to make it on here, and alas, no one did so. Sorry, man.
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So zany and awesome collection we gathered. I personally like that jigglysama dude's style... :iconimsarcasticplz:
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Aww, looks like my Dog didn't make it. (-;_;- )
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Ah.... so may styles blending in one.

Kinda reminds me of the character selection screens of some remix games.
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