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NinDB Collab 4: Super Mario Br

Here it is, NinDB's ( [link] ) fourth collaboration. I will be adding characters as soon as they are finished.

Suggestions are appreciated

Download for full view

EDIT 1: Added Geno, Daisy, and Donkey Kong
EDIT 2: Added Hammer Bro and Waluigi
EDIT 3: Added Bowser and Koopa Troopa
EDIT 4: Added Goomba, Rosalina, Petey, Bowser Jr., and Peach

Geno by :iconkohta89:
Daisy by :icontveye363:
Donkey Kong by Nester
Hammer Bro by :iconwildcatjf:
Koopa Troopa by :iconoldmanrupee:
Bowser Jr. by :icondasherkoopa:
Rosalina by :iconjigglysama:
Peach by :iconflintofmother3:
Petey Piranha by :iconwildcatjf:
Toad by Dances in Underwear
Bob-Omb by Grandy02


Waluigi by :icontveye363:
Bowser by :iconkohta89:
Goomba by Nester
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Pretty neat stuff. I should chip in next time.
WildcatJF's avatar
I think this may be our best collab yet. Awesome work everyone! :)
TheSpud's avatar
Flint's Peach is kinda creepy when you can't tell she's holding a vegetable. I mean what is she doing down there?
tveye363's avatar
True, I'll move her up a bit.
OldManRupee's avatar
So is Bowser gonna be in the centre surrounded by guys? I think that would look pretty good.
tveye363's avatar
I was gonna just have him in the back, a'cause he's so big.
WildcatJF's avatar
Looking good thus far, everyone! ^_^
OldManRupee's avatar
Looking good so far! I really need to start drawing my one.
YoungLink19's avatar
YAY for DK x Banana!!!!!!
TEi-Has-Pants's avatar
!!!! Where is DK sticking his banana?!

tveye363's avatar
Why haven't you signed up yet, eh?
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