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This is Cammy from street fighter fame. The bad as line work was done byDavid-Grier and the colors were done by me. Hope you like it!

And just in case you missed it:
Line work: David-grier
colors:Me (KKADUKEN)
Deviant critiques are always welcome!
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nice colors man.
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splendid lol i love this and all of your other work as well you truly are like totally amazing man keep it up
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Both of you smacked it!
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Excellent blur effects, and the colors are supurb. You did an excellent job enhancing an already excellent work. :)
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Wow! thanks! I'm sure chuck(david-grier) will love the comment too. Worked really hard on this one. :jarksaber:
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Does he have a DA page? I'd love to see more of his line work :)
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Yeah! I put the link in the "artist comment" block! Hes great! Tell him were you saw his work cause I don't think that he believes that I posted a link to his site :-)
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*beats head against desk* Well ... I completely missed that one ... Must have been a more stressful day at work than I thought. ;)
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and don't bash your head on the desk starts to hurt after a while! Later
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It's all good, dawg...Its all good! lol
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niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice colors!!! ^^
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Great anatomy and colors. I love the concept of it XD
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daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn very nice!
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