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Collector satanic spoof hits the capital Pandora Bracelets Charms

Collector satanic spoof hits the capital

Written and completed by yvette parsons and thomas sainsbury

After two become unattainable seasons in auckland, including one contained in the auckland fringe 2013, the darkly comedic duo of yvette parsons and thomas sainsbury bring their recommended horror comedy, dolly solution, to bats cinema this october!

When Pandora Heart Charms demented doll collector beverley beavington promotes for a home stay;Crispin merriweather is adequate.He a virgin mobile, friendless and easily inflated.In the glassy stare of a hundred dollies, beverley elicits crispin's be an aid to embark on a little satanic ritual

One of several highlights of auckland fringe, dolly mixture's demented, chaotic nature is certainly not new for its star, yvette parsons.She re set the benchmark in taste trapped on tape with janeece gunton herstory, next to her earnest, heart breaching role in silent night, Money-Money-Making her a chapman tripp nomination for"Best occasional presenter"And therefore"Most outstanding overall"By 2012.Parsons' characters in yeti trilogy, your of bernada alba and gas, alongside looks in super city and shortland street, established her as an audience favorite.

With a record for making the audiences' skin crawl, dolly mixture is full Pandora Bracelets Charms of moments of utterly black comedy.All sorts of argento's suspiria, the newborn's play series and grey gardens, the show also owes a debt to a 16th century legend of homunculus, barbara cartland and something happened to baby jane.

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Submitted on
December 25, 2014