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So, I recently saw the Nickelodeon TMNT premiere, and I liked it. There's a few things that I'm still a little iffy about, but the show just started, so I'll just wait and see how it goes.

Anywho, I decided to draw the Turtles in a way that was kind of inspired by that show, but I still took some artistic liberties. I do really dig the physical differences, so I had to take a shot at doing that myself. :P
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they all have their original mask color!lol
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Mirage-style Nick Turtles.
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Those turtles are ninjas! What is this witch craft!
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Idk know why but I love love love the new tv show about them.
and I also dont like the whole donnyxapril thing...

BUT I DO LAWV THIS :iconimhappyplz:
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I didn't think the Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles were that bad either. But I'm not so sure about the whole DonatelloXApril thing though....
But I do like how they follow closer to the 80's tv show!:D

Awesome work there, BTW!
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You know with the physical differences, I bet they could pull off them all wearing red headbands.
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I'm afraid to comment now that it appears sharks are in the water to pounce on any statement I make... XD ^^;

But cool stuff CPoC! Nice Work!
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Nice, new show in original red.
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Very nice it's ayhe mirage comic version
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Usually, I don't really like them having no pupils, but this pic of yours nailed me ^^
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I was actually going to add pupils to them, but I wasn't really feelin' it. For some reason, they weren't looking very good with pupils, so I just decided to go with the pupiless look.

And thank you. :)
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Why are they all wearing Raphael's headband? *had to, I'm so sorry*

But actually I thought you'd end up having them all in red bands when you mentioned that were going to take some artistic liberties with what you were doing. XD

Very cool Spoony!
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Oh, you just had to try and troll me, didn't you, AGoI? :XD:

But, ya, thank you. :)
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Pretty awesome job, Spoony! I love the colored auras around them.... though oddly enough I could tell who they were when I saw the unfinished version. XD

And I especially like the details on Raph! Great job!
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Thanks, GS. :D

And I'm not surprised that you could tell who was who when it was in black and white. There's enough differences between them for that, I think.
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