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Divine Children
To his people, water was life. It allowed on to live, to work, to cook. It brought ships loaded with cargo into the ports. If prepared properly, water could even be used to cure illnesses. All of this prosperity was due to one thing: The Sea Goddess, Maji Joka. Impossibly large, she commanded the seas in a just, yet firm rule. All followed her as a result of fear, respect, or worship. Her scales could slice stone and metal. Entire ships were as morsels between her massive teeth. Despite her size, her speed was analogous to a lightning flash. By her very will the seas stopped and stirred, the life within thriving and dying.
Then there were her children. Chombo Wazi, the “he” in question, had been living in the port town of Warije Tasa for all is life, yet never grew out of his amazement for the “Divine Children” as they were called. Of humanoid stature, with variety in build, they nonetheless resembled their mother; smooth stomachs and fronts, scales like miniatu
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Winter Locked
From the snow capped peaks of the Ice Kingdom, the winds tumbled over the Grasslands, rolling through the blades and making them dance. Uprooted, several blades of grass danced in the air, spinning in a dance that tantalized the young heroine even as the wind itself prickled at her ears, whispering subtleties in the back of her mind. The moon overhead gave rise to Fionna’s blood, a pleasant thrum in her veins. Turning to look back at her home, she gave a final shrug of her pack, the weight reassuring her that everything was in place. She turned and ran for the border.
Thick and powerful legs and thighs tested by years of combat and tribulation pumped steadily and easily, carrying Fionna into the Ice Kingdom, the heroine sliding and leaping over the pure whiteness as is she were a snow leopard. Indulgent, she tumbled down snowy hills, dancing between the legs of snow golems wrestling at the bottom. She sprang from between them with a feral grace and a laugh that had the volume tha
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Spirits and Spells: Exploration
Zecora pawed at the ground with her hoof while Twilight checked her sleeping supplies. For the third time. While Zecora was a patient zebra, there were limits to her sage-like endurance. It was only the thought that her own spoken verse arose such frustration in others that kept her tongue in check before it could lash out in petty hypocrisy. She checked again, and gave an inward sigh in relief to see that the unicorn had finished.
Turning to her shamanic friend, Twilight gave a sheepish grin. "Sorry. I know that it's worrisome, but I like to make sure I have everything that I need."
"To gain knowledge, preparation is key," said Zecora, motioning with her head toward the Everfree Forest, "but an open mind is better suited for the task, you see." With a swish of her cloak, she started towards the outskirts of town. "By the way, as we begin our hike… Are you sure that you have taken proper care of Spike?"
Twilight trotted beside the zebra to keep pace. "Spike may still be a baby dra
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The Power of Night Mares
The chill of the night drew goose bumps along the spine of the mare, even with her cloak pulled tight against her and hat covering her head. She cared not; her ambitions were of higher importance than momentary solace from the cold. Head held high, she trotted at an even pace past the trees that surrounded her, occasionally jumping over the high grown roots to keep time. Her clothes snagged on low hanging branches, but she pressed on. There was not a moment to spare.
Bursts of hot breath poured from the mare's nostrils as she pressed into a full gallop. The dense branches overhead choked the moonlight from above as the forest became denser. With a thought, her horn flickered to life, illuminating her path as she passed through, her cloak fluttering like wings. With agility that would have surprised most, the unicorn dodged and flitted through with the ease of an earth pony.
A haughty smirk stretched across her face as she broke through the tree line and into the meadow before her. T
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Mature content
Sprits and Spells: Invitation :icontuume:Tuume 3 3
Mature content
Spirits and Spells: Chapter 1 :icontuume:Tuume 2 8
Third Man's Thoughts
Despite the ravages of the world in its entirety, Shinji couldn't help but feel that their piece of it was the worst. Information was restricted, rights stolen, and the people kept under lock and key in their own country. All in the name of a freedom that had ceased to exist for decades.
What made it worse was that the Japanese allowed it. It sickened him that for the façade of false security that people were willing to trade away what mattered most; freedom. It could have been prevented; it should have been. Instead, the government had taken advantage of desperation and the Japanese had fallen into a design that was terrible in its judgment, yet all of their own making.
As he typed on the laptop he had found, he decided that if people could easily put themselves down so far, then with some hard work they could hoist themselves out of the hole.
Or in his and Yutaka's case, blow a way out. At that moment, Shinji swore that if he and the other students made it out alive, he would pe
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Trader Lord
Presides over the distribution of oil, gas and electricity. Rules over the region with methods akin to an iron fist, yet fairly. She utilizes her resources as both political and literal power; she could plunge the region into a second Dark Age at will and utilize the oil and gas to start controlled wildfires as well as dispatch electricity in an offensive manner. Power of the Trader Guild is centralized through her, yet reach is expanded through the Trader Elders.
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Mature content
Demon King Ch.1 :icontuume:Tuume 0 0
Demon King Prologue
Demon King:
To merely have free will is meaningless. To "have" is only to just possess. It means to just see the choices in front of you passing by, watching; waiting for what could be, wondering what could be. In that case, a man is nothing more than a spectator; a person who would rather have life play out before him like a play, constantly following the script instead of jumping up in the audience and screaming out a new twist to the show.
Utilization is the key. Fear is the obstacle. The world's rewards are given only to those that can abolish this fear, burn the script, and utilize their free will to author their own fates. That is what it means to live.
However… Never forget that tragedy follows close to those whose ambition is greater than fates bonds, more often than not.
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Trading Laws
House colors must be in sight at all times. Attempts at bartering under the name of a house without proper identification will be punishable by stripping of goods and/or death.
Bartering must be done on site and in person.
Peddlers cannot refuse customers if requested to demonstrate the quality of their goods.
Economic balance shall be maintained between the Elders of each house.
The Trader Lord's judgment supersedes the authority of all houses.
:icontuume:Tuume 2 1
Mature content
Would You? :icontuume:Tuume 1 3
Bayla's Ride
Bayla's Ride
An 18-wheel Semi-truck that serves as both Bayla's mode of transport and her home. The Semi-trailer used is a combonation Box and Bus truck, used to accomodate riders and store equipment. The small circus tent that Bayla and Gray perform in extends and expands from the inside of the container. Though powerful and bulky, the truck can reach frightening levels of speed.
On a more metaphorical note, the truck could be, as is seen by many, as a reflection of Bayla (and Gray's) soul. The windows are cracked and broken. The smallest shudders brings a storm of red, flaking paint tumbling to the ground. Dents and scratches cover the metal of the massive beast. A screeching horn and blood red tires complete the macabre sadism and depravity that the truck represents in its owner.
In keeping with clown physics, the truck can store a seemingly limitless amout of merchandise. This trait seems to somehow corrolate to Gray's greed, as she can be seen pulling various treasures and trinket
:icontuume:Tuume 1 3
Mature content
Invidia's Lament :icontuume:Tuume 0 0
Mature content
Mother's Sight :icontuume:Tuume 0 0
Mature content
Lady Macbeth's Lament :icontuume:Tuume 1 3

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When one completes a series, they get a feeling. They either feel a slight nag, as if they need more, or... They walk away pleased, feeling fresh and fullfilled after watching a series that brought them from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other.

Kill la Kill did that for me.

Though chock full of fanservice and skimpy outfits, Kill la Kill had wonderful characters that you could see grow and transition as their journey went on. Yesterday, I watched how their growth culminated in a finale that was everything that an anime should be in the end:

A mindblowing experience.
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