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I have been writing and showcasing tutorials for the past 10 years. Although I did take a long break from it at some point but now I would like to get back into it.
So sit back and enjoy - tutorial showcase #18 is here.
Theme for this time is:

Photoshop text effects

These days catchy text and titles for your webpage, flyers or digital art is everything. It gives your project a professional look and cool vibes. Here are 5 text effects tutorials you can check out. Maybe there's something you have been looking for.

Floral typography

Floral typography is a design trend that combines nice floral elements with bold typography to create some elegant designs. Learn how to create a piece of flower text art in Photoshop. This floral Photoshop tutorial will show you how to use a flower stock image, with some simple text and a couple of layer styles, filters, textures, and adjustments, to create your own flower typography design. Let's get started!

Grass text effect

Cool grass text effect you can make. It is very well explained and easy to follow.
"Envato Tuts+ has been around for many years. During that time, we’ve posted a lot of content. We know that the amount of content on our site may be a bit overwhelming to those of you who have recently discovered our site. That is why we have decided to periodically resurrect some of our older posts for you all to enjoy.
Today, we have decided to bring back a post by Envato founder, Collis Ta’eed, from May 2008, that demonstrates how to create a spectacular grass text effect in Photoshop. Let’s get started!"

Abstract shining text effect

A beginner level tutorial for everyone who aren't so familiar with photoshop yet but would like to make something cool. This one definitely teaches you some new tips and techniques you can use later on.
On top of that you can also download this .psd file if you happen to be a psdvault VIP member.

Easy nebula text effect

This nebula text effect is both quick and easy using a few simple tricks in Photoshop. The technique would work great for posters or book and magazine covers. Using the same basic techniques, it can also be easily modified by varying the text, brushes and background.

Cartoon text effect

Again a very well documented tutorial with easy steps to follow. I would say that this one is a good tutorials for beginners and yet with a awesome end result. It will just take you 7 steps to make something like this!
And that's it for this time.
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