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Tenho observado que muita gente quer postar os PAPs (passo-a-passo/step-by-step) de suas imagens aqui no grupo.
Eu estou recusando-os a menos que cada passo contenha explicações sobre o processo, para as pessoas compreenderem como foi feito.
Tal discurso pode estar no comentário ou na própria deviation.
Não aceitarei textos em idiomas diferentes de: português, espanhol ou inglês.


"Step-by-step works only will be accepted if they contain explanation about the process.
Only tutorials in portuguese, spanish or english will be accepted."

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Pricing your Artwork - help guide how to pricesRe-creating this journal in Eclipse so that I can make sure I can edit it in the future. ^_^This is a helpful set of multiple guides that can help you decide how to price your artwork as a commission artist. I will go over some methods for artists who don't have to live off their art, and for artists who need to pay the bills. I hope that these resources can help you get started. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. YES these also work for DA points, too.What are Commissions?Commissions in art are when an Artist (the seller) is paid for in currency ( , $, £ , ect) for the work they create by a commissioner (customer). As long as a currency, no matter the price, is being exchanged for artwork it is a commission.What Are Commissioners, and handling your prices?Commissioners are your customers, but they are also your Target Audience. I want you to keep in mind that there are many different type of commissioners. It is similar to getting watchers based on the content you post up, if you post $5 commissions, you attract $5 commissioners. If you post $50 commissions, you attract $50 commissioners. NEVER let anyone other than yourself price your own artwork. If you have already gathered $5 commissioners, and you ask them how much your art is worth/should be raised, a lot of the time you will get "They look fine to me" or "Maybe a little higher". Just like if you post Pokemon art, gain pokemon loving watchers, if you ask what they want to see it will be skewed at more pokemon. You have to build a commission community, and you have to decide what your target audience is going to be. What you post up is what you get in return. To those that complain about high prices, If the price is "too high" for you, you are not the target audience. You should look for an artist who is seeking your commission audience.Per Hour Method (With option to create flat price sheet)This is the method that I use for my own prices. It is meant to be used for artists who need to pay bills and also get paid as fairly as possible. I will use an easy to understand $20/hour for this example, but a reminder that if you are looking to live off your art, you should aim for around $40/hour or more if you want to both pay bills and not be terrified of if you'll make enough each month.To determine your prices with a per our method, you will have to record the time it takes to create a single commission type around three times. Remember, Pick out your price guide ($20/hour for simplicity in explaining)Get a timer to record your timePick out a commission type (I'll use my full colors, Chibi, and Sketches)Draw and record ONLY the active time you are working on the project. Stopping to eat, you must stop the timer! Sleeping? Stop the timer. only record when you are actively drawing!!! (My full Colors take around 2.5 hours to make, my chibi take 0.5, and Sketches 0.5)Take the time you made your art, and multiply it by your hourly rate.Full Color 2.5 hrs x $20 = $50 for a full color piece with no backgroundChibi 0.5 hrs x $20 = $10 for a Chibi artwork with no background.Sketches 0.5 hrs x $20 = $10 for a sketch artwork with no background.The Per hour method is handy because it can be used to create a flat price commission sheet, but also help you get a fairer price for a more complex commissions like adding in backgrounds which often take various amounts of time to create depending on scenery. Per Hour is also very handy for letting your commissioners do partial payments as well, or determining refunds. If my commissioner ordered a Full color, and I only got through 1 hour of work and they decided they wanted a refund at that point, then I would refund them $30 for the 1.5 hours I didn't do and give them the file of what I got done on the commission in that 1 hour of work I did do. The commissioner gets a partial refund, the work they had completed for them, and Artist is still paid for the work that they did do. yay math.Goal MethodThis method is easy to use for both Artists looking to pay bill or just wanting to figure out a price. The basics of it are picking out a Goal for yourself to reach in price, and splitting up how many times you can comfortably draw a single commission time within a month without Burn out or hurting your hand. It's easy to pick out, but hard to determine a safe amount for your mental and physical health.Pick a Monthly Goal ($400)Determine how many times you can draw a certain artwork a month without hurting yourself or causing burnout. (Fullcolor 4x, Chibi 12x, Sketch 16x)Divide that amount by your goal to determine a price.Fullcolor 400 ÷ 4= $100Chibi 400 ÷ 12= $33Sketch 400 ÷ 16= $25As you can see, this method can be a little lopsided based on your own pace and genre in pricing, so you will need to determine for yourself how to adjust the prices. It does, however, give a much better look at how much it takes to reach a healthy and safe goal of pricing if you have to pay bills. I would like to inform folks who might not have had the chance to experience bills before, that most people living in an apartment's monthly total will reach about $1,000 and more with rent, food, transportation, and other things. Most people live with more than one person and split bills, but do keep this in mind: living is very expensive on your own, and it is very important for an artist to understand how to keep their body healthy. An unhealthy artist will have trouble doing their work. Having trouble doing work means late bills and cranky roommates. I don't recommend being solely a commission artist until you can properly handle yourself (or if there is no other choice).Pay What You Want MethodThis method is meant for artists who want to do commissions, but don't have any need to pay for any living expenses. It is a really easy method to manage, and can help you reach out to a lot of different commissioner types. Not Confident in yourself all that much?If you are imagining any commission $10 or under, this is the method for you!Take whatever number you were thinking and just make that a PWYW minimum.The commissioner will pay you a price they name with that as the minimum amount.I have Chibi but I'm afraid to make them more than $5???? Chibi PWYW $5 minimumThis will give you the opportunity to work with commissioners of multiple types of audiences. In this scenario, you can get commissioners who will decide to pay the $5 minimum for your commission, and you can get commissioners who will pay you $10 or $15 or whatever they decide more. This is not a method you should use if you are paying bills since they pay will be very inconsistent, but it is a rather good way to start working and reach out to a large audience.IMPORTANT for DeviantArt Point Artists!!!If you are an artist who takes Point Commissions, you should take them through the Commission widget/shop area instead of the Donations widget if you are trying to save up actual money. The Commissions Shop will give you the opportunity to exchange your Points Earned as Money via paypal in the future if you save it (and have/get a paypal). So, it is a very good way to save up money until you can get a paypal. It is also a good way to understand how much points are vs USD. Your newly posted Commissions will also appear on the Commission Area on the front of DA, your Shop Area, and will notify your Watchers of the new Commission. I do always recommend also posting a Journal notice as well as Reaching your commission audience can be hard sometimes. I'm rooting for ya!Remember, add 00 to any dollar amount to know the point amount. $1 - 100 on the Commission widget.Other places to post/seek CommissionsThere are a few other places I would like to specifically mention when working with commissions. On DeviantArt, there are two forums ( Job Offers and Job Services ) that you may want to look into. They are specifically for commission work. Another place I would like to mention is if you can take Paypal commissions, Posting a "Commissions Open" submission on the art site can reach out to a community that absolutely loves buying art. About 90% of my commissions come from this site. Just make sure to tag your art with the tags commission commissions so that people can search it up. OH and if you are a human artist on FA, I suggest getting advertised by if you have human commissions open._____________________________Uluri's End CardMy Commissions | FurAffinity | DeviantArt | Newgrounds | Ko-fi#howto #price #prices #pricing #commission #commissions #money #points #help #helpful #guide #art #artist #tutorial
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As doações serão utilizados de duas maneiras:
  • Pontos serão doados para pessoas que confeccionam tutoriais de qualidade, estimulando assim a produção constante, e;

  • Garantir uma assinatura anual para o grupo.

Caso não possua pontos, a doação poderá ser feita também através do PayPal.

Doação de Pontos


Alguns termos usados

P: O que cargas d'água é comission??
R: É quando você oferece um trabalho, desenhado, pintado, escrito ou o que for por dinheiro (ou por pontos, válidos aqui no deviantArt). O ideal é fazer uma tabela para as pessoas terem uma idéia do valor a desembolsar se quiserem encomendar algo. Seria interessante montar essa tabela com exemplos do seu trabalho e uma lista de coisas que você faz e não faz.

P: Tá. E o que é contest?
R: É um concurso (duh). É bastante comum no dA as pessoas abrirem concurso sobre desenhar motivo tal ou pintar uma lineart pronta. Fique atento nos prêmios, que vão desde ilustrações originais a sua escolha a pontos e dinheiro.
Quero minha parte em cash...

P: O que é art-trade?
R: É quando artistas combinam de trocar desenhos, pinturas, etc.
ATENÇÂO!!11!!1!! COMBINAM. Se você fizer um desenho pra alguém, ele não tem obrigação de te fazer outro, principalmente se a pessoa estiver cheia de encomendas pra entregar! Se não tiver nenhum acordo, o seu desenho vai ser um "gift" (presente). Tenho visto muitas reclamações neste sentido, espero que o termo fique claro aqui.

P: O que é collab?
R: É quando dois ou mais artistas combinam de realizar um trabalho. Fulano fez o desenho, ciclano pintou e beltrano editou, formatou, sei lá. Mesmo que você tenha encontrado uma lineat perfeita pergunte ao dono se pode pintar (a menos que isso esteja claro no comentário do próprio autor).

P: O que é request?
R: É um pedido. A maioria dos artistas dificilmente aceita requests. O que percebo é que alguns preferem fazer um desenho para algum artista que admira ou sobre algum personagem legal -- daí é gift.

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