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This is a groups focused completely on tutorials and finding the best ones we possibly can to share with the world. Everyone is allowed to join, however only tutorials are accepted in our galleries. THIS GROUP DOES NOT ACCEPT ARTWORK IN ITS GALLERIES.
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Resources & Tutorials

3,162 Members
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Tiny Tips: Multicoloured by Ranarh
Taking Commissions Tutorial by ThirdPotato
Glow Video Tutorial - Photomanip Walkthrough by kuschelirmel-stock
Winter Wonderland (Background) Tutorial by kuschelirmel-stock
How to Draw Bubbles PLUS bonus GIMP Brush tutorial by UnseenIvy
Shrink your GIF file below 15kb Tutorial by Sueweetie
Pixel Icon Tutorial by nepheloyd
[ENG] [Gimp] White outline Tutorial by JEricaM
Paint Tool SAI
Kei's Super Simple Eye Tutorial by Keiivory
Hair Tut by Willow-Bell
4-step Water Tutorial by yuuike
Paint.NET: Interactive Guide by Eulogy-Dignity
Paint.Net Tutorial - Coloring by TOXiC-ToOtHpAsTe
MS Paint
SPT : The Basics by supajackle
How to replace colors easily by vanmall

Mature Content

Bradley's Zombie and Gore Tutorial by SunnyTheBear
Adobe Flash
Wave's Flash for Beginners Tutorial! by suzuran
Flash 8 Animation Tutorial by wangqr
dkunz shading tutorial by megadrivesonic
How to color Ahsoka - Tutorial by juhaszmark
Vector Software
Vector grass tutorial by tgolyi
Inkscape + GIMP tutorial! by Wickfield
Inkscape Tutorial: Unicorn's Magic Glow by ZuTheSkunk
Vector Marshmallow Tutorial by Pochina
UF-Spiral Tutorial by Fiery-Fire 2017 by Fiery-Fire
Apophysis 7X - Simple bubble texturing by Fiery-Fire
Bubble Triboarders Tutorial by nightmares06
MB3D Burning Ship Tutorial by timemit
Sculpture and Artisan Crafts
Before and after Blocking by Craftcove
Drawing and Painting
Tiny Tips: Into Darkness by Ranarh
deviantART Related
Custom Box Tutorial Detailled by TaNa-Jo
Lightroom Basics - save your vacation images by kuschelirmel-stock
Writer's tips 5: Contracts 1 by jomog369
Reference Guides
Raster Vs Vector: A Battle of Graphic Proportions by JRCnrd
How to draw kawaii cat lollipop by honeyburger
The Folder of Doom
The Generic Tutorial by JRCnrd


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Welcome to Tutorial-City

Joining Rules

As a Member

:bulletblue: Only those wishing to submit tutorials may join, if you just want to see pretty tutorials, send us a +Watch and you'll get all the tutorials you could ever want
:bulletblue: If you are adamant about joining and sending us your amazing tutorials, you must provide one link to a tutorial you made
:bulletblue: We do not accept links via note or comment. Giving us a link via comment or note means you only read the rules after the fact without giving this any thought. So not cool.
:bulletblue: The tutorial you link must abide by our submission rules, which can be seen below

As a Contributer

:bulletblue: Because Cotributors are admins, we hold them to a higher standard, as such we expect them to produce higher quality work
:bulletblue:If you are apply as a Contributor, you must provide a link to 3 acceptable tutorials that you made. Just as with members, our regular submissions will still apply.

We Accept the Following:

:bulletblue: Tutorials for all media
:bulletblue: Tutorials that are easy to read and follow
:bulletblue: Tutorials that work 100% of the time, all the time
:bulletblue: Tutorials that are actually useful
:bulletblue: Before submitting, please check our Quality Standards to ensure you don't get shot down
:bulletblue: If you don't like how things are done here, or you are just curious, there are other groups out there that you can go to.

We DO NOT accept the following

:bulletred: Off-site resources
:bulletred: Low quality crap
:bulletred: Anything have to do with manga/anime style eyes
:bulletred: We do not accept any pay-for resources! Free tutorials only!
After quite a bit of thinking, the rules for joining Tutorial City have changed:

:bulletblue: All join requests are now put up to a vote
:bulletblue: Requests must include a link to one tutorial you made
Failure to comply will result in your request being denied. One simple link isn't hard to do. ;)
:bulletblue: If you are not here to contribute tutorials, then you can just +watch us and still enjoy the group. :)

These rules will only be applied to future members. Current members can relax because JRCnrd can't be bothered to poke through the thousands of members and kick out the inactive ones. :shifty:
TehAngelsCry is currently taking tutorial requests and wants feedback on their tutorials. Check her journal for more info.
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