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It's getting darker outside. Autumn usually does that to the weather. That means I'm more tired than usual :). Sleepy now.

I don't know what it is about spring and me. It's my favourite time of year. I can be categorized as a laid back person, and I don't go out of my way to do something new and exciting every day, or to produce all sorts of wonderful pictures in no time at all. In fact, it's common for me to spend weeks if not months on a picture. the last two weeks I've posted three pictures here, and I still want to make more. I've always complained to friends that I rarely have any idea of pictures to make, which is why I prefer to make character portraits on request - because then there's someone telling me what they want. I can follow instruction for my pictures. I thrive on it.

I'm not going to complain, because I like being keen about Poser :). But as a hobby, making these images satisfy me greatly. It's all good.
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Watching Notting Hill one day and Love Actually the next day is a bad idea. A bad idea, you hear? I'm such a sap for supersweet romantic movies like those, and not in a good way. Two hours and a river of tears later, I go to bed, wishing my life was like that no matter how unrealistic that is.

I think I need to watch the Ring movies or the Saw movies to cover the heartache.
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I figured I would write something else here since the last journalentry talks about spring in Norway. Well, it's November here now and anything *but* spring. It's getting cold and I feel the pressure to update my journal :lol:

I'm not a winter/snow person. I can appreciate that it's pretty and all, but it's also cold, wet, slushy, ugly when not pure white, slippery and dangerous. Unlike some people ( hello there FeelinStrangelyFine) I don't think winter is the best season in the year :p.

Having said that, it's a gorgeous day today! Crisp, clear air, sun is shining...and no snow! Huzzah!
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It's spring in Norway! Spring spring spring! And it makes me happy! And it makes me smile! And happy!!

Oh, and I'll get money back on the tax returns! Wheee!

Whoa, this is like a high! Too much happiness at one time *chuckles*
I use Opera as my choice of browser. In my opinion, it's superior to both Firefox and Internet Explorer. Opera is innovative, superquick, expansive and clever. Every cool feature other browsers have, Opera had first. In short, I have found my browser and I love it, much like millions of other users of this stroke of genius.

The only sad thing is that some websites have a hard time updating their pages to be compatible with Opera. Usually, it's crappy, low-end websites with bad coding and lousy updating. But sometimes...there's exceptions. Deviant Art's latest addition of full page advertisements screaming in your face before getting to the page you want to go to (god, I hate that "feature") is obviously coded so badly, it stays up, no matter how much you click the "let me past this fucking ad crap!" link. It won't go away, and you can't browse your own pages. In other words, it makes DA completely unusable if you're using the Opera browser.

This ad system is used on countless other websites, without any trace of problem. This is the only site I've visited that has this problem, so therefore it's the incompetence of the DA coders that is to blame. One could almost think it's a "clever" trick to force free members into buying an ad-free subscription.

Oh, and they're working *so* hard on it. Not.

Reply to my question to DA Support about this, dated May 9th 2006. Almost a whole fucking month, and it's obvious they knew about it before I sent my notice!

"Unfortunately this is a known issue with Opera at this time, which we;'re working as quickly as possible to resolve.

Maureen Winter
Help Desk Manager
deviantART, inc."

Well, *Maureen*...for your's not Opera that's the problem. It's the sloppy coding of this website. Perhaps you should kick some coder butt and get them to update their incompetent skills...or maybe buy a new one off eBay. I hear they're cheap.

Yeah, so it's Easter, and I was hoping to score a whole lot more Poser time than I have. Granted, my parents visited during the weekend, but I've had days where I haven't touched Poser, or...I have and then just not gotten anywhere with it. I blame myself, and the non-existant will I seem to be having. Not only concerning this, but many other things too. Not that it matters, I don't want to push myself and make stuff I don't feel like making, just to have a production line of pictures. It'll come back, I'm sure :)

In other news...I saw Brokeback Mountain today, and I loved it. It's a wonderful movie and I would heartily recommend it to anyone. It's sad, but beautiful. A different kind of love story. So, if you haven't seen it, run run run to the movies and catch it. It's definitely worth it.

Finding hidden talents

Mon Oct 17, 2005, 7:41 AM
When I first started playing with Poser, I didn't know I'd enjoy it this much.

I've played around with Poser for a good six month now. I like how easy it is and I like playing around with lightsources and the material room (even though you don't see much of those tests here). I like trying to make someone's character, or a picture for someone and see the development of it, with their comments helping me get it just right.

I'm in every aspect still a beginner in this whole character composition, and I don't have the first clue about lighting, I just experiment, or I use premade lightsets. However, I do think I have an eye for details. I know myself well enough to say that I'm very nitpicky about things, and this reflects in the time I spend on the models in Poser, especially those whose textures I modify myself.

And that's the key word. Textures. I've recently started learning and trying out my talents in skinning/texturing. It's very nitpicky, and I haven't really got the hang of it yet. The hours upon hours in Photoshop.. *shudder*. However, eventually, I do want to offer textures for sale, probably on Renderosity. Whether or not people will buy isn't really relevant. It's about making something used in digital art that someone out there might appreciate. I have a feeling that if I get my act together and do this, I'd start with a couple of "normal" human skins, and them move on to the more specialized, unique ones, kinda like… or…

Anyway, what I need to do is kick my butt into gear and practise more. Knowing myself, I won't publish anything until I'm happy with it myself. I even know what the first series would be. It's all about Anarchy. Troxes, opi's, nano's and soli's. It'll be great :).

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Weak willed

Sat Jul 2, 2005, 5:31 AM
Where's my strength of will? Anyone seen it?

So here we are again. Summertime. Usually, during summer, I lock myself in the apartment, because ti's just too damn hot. Same goes for now, it's perfect weather, by many accounts, but just too hot and bright for me. Which is ok with me this year as well, I guess.

I'm having a good time at work and loving it. The people are great and I love being able to come in at anywhere between 8 and 10. Means I can stay up longer in the evenings *grin*. Generally, things are looking better for me now than in a long time.

Then why am I so weak willed? I want to make more pictures, I want to start my skin texture projects, I want to finish my current projects. Hell, there's a lot of things I want, but I just never get it done. I tell myself that today, oh I will be good and do so and such and I'll feel great about it. Yet I don't do it. Cause there's always that little devil in the back of my head saying "Aww, it can wait" or "I'll do it, just gonna do this first", or even "Well, I don't *need* to do it, I'm grown up and can do whatever the hell I please, so there". Like a teenage tantrum. It's stupid.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy as a puppy, with both my professional life, my private life (to some extent) and my "artistic life". Hah! Never thought I'd use the words "artistic life" about myself. Anyway...I'm happy with them all, because I do it. I go to work, I live my life (even if I *am* a hermit) and I dabble with the creative juices. But I want more! More time to do it, I guess.

Time is the issue for many things gone awry, I think, and when I am short on it, I don't seem to be able to get anything done what so ever. Funny that. If I have 2 hours to fiddle with Poser, I end up not doing it, because it's too little time, and I watch a movie or play games instead. As if that's more productive to my 3D work. Silly.

Anyway...I swear I'll get going with it. Currently, I'm working on 2,5 characters, Ragunn and Nulion, and making preps for Regidoc. When they are done remains to be seen, though. Unless I can find my strength of will again.

Gaming is good for you! Don't let anyone tell you differently!
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I'm so tired of trying to pull out words, feedback and help from people who work on a project I work on too. It pisses me off beyond no bounds that workload is so incredibly skewed, and that I'm stupid enough to let it pass. But no more. I've decided to write a juicy rant, call them all asses and quit the project. Then let them handle their own.

In other news..the LARP goes well. 2 weeks left! :)