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Zaela Dian

A rustling in the leaves alerted her. Something was wrong. Crouching down and looking around, the tiefling woman cursed herself quietly for lingering at the last camp site, telling her group she would catch up. It seemed like the light in the forest changed from the brightness of spring to the looming dark of fall, and the air around her thickened. The attack from the unknown enemy was imminent.

With the flick of her wrists and the quiet mumbling of arcane words, a shape formed next to her. His name was Rahzar, the devil, and his only purpose was to protect her, his mistress and conjurer. She grinned. "Let them come," she spat to the air, "and learn that Zaela Dian is not easily ambushed!"

This is the tiefling conjurer Zaela Dian, the Dungeons & Dragons character of a friend of mine. I offered to make her an image of her character after she spoke warmly of both the tiefling and her roleplaying group.

Poser 7 - Photoshop CS

Background image by ~CelticTouch-Stock
Arcane circle brushes by *redheadstock
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This one's nice, Tussa. Great work. :)