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Chrono Bookmarks Edition 1



Chrono Compendium's Chrono Bookmarks: First Edition

You can download the PDF version from here - [link]

Please visit

The project started as an artistic collaboration for Christmas at Chrono Compendium, but may extend with more demand and response. Chrono Arts Fest aims to make a collection of Bookmarks, Cards and anything that can be printed and included in the PDF releases. If you would like to join the fest, please visit - [link]


1) Print on an A4 sized Card-sheet or any moderately-thick paper. Inkjet recommmended, but Laser-printers with equivalent quality should also suffice.
2) Each page has two cards. Cut them out by the outline, with each bookmark leaving you with an artwork on the left side and quote/credit on the right. Cut or fold in such a way that the right side ends up directly behind the art-side, and paste.
3) Optional: Punch a hole at the bar above the artwork and loop a ribbon or thread of your liking.


---Chrono Trigger---
Crono - Art by :icontushantin:, Texture by :iconpalnk:
Glenn - Art by :icontushantin:, Texture by :iconraregirl86:
Janus the Cat - Art by :iconaphelion-of-mine:
Janus and Alfador (Christmas) - Art by :iconaphelion-of-mine:
Nu - Art by :iconaphelion-of-mine:
Schala - Art by :iconaphelion-of-mine:
Schala 2 - Art by :iconaphelion-of-mine:

---Chrono Cross---
Kid - Art by :iconaphelion-of-mine:
Janice - Art by :iconaphelion-of-mine:

---Radical Dreamers---
Serge - Art by :icontushantin:, Texture by :iconninstock:

====== Disclaimer ======
We do not claim rights to the Chrono fanchise. Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross and Radical Dreamers are properties of Square Enix and Yuji Horii respectively. However, these bookmarks are completely non-profit and are works by-fans-for-fans, and thus are considered fanarts.
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