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Awakening of De Faye



HUGE thanks to my co-artist :iconlysa: for major error corrections, critiques and design additions.

This is Falco, the protagonist of my upcoming non-profit movie Moonlight Reckoning of the Fleabane Trilogy. This would be the FIRST EVER opensource movie to be produced by the minor Benevolence Group, for those who need experience to go amateur-to-pro in all aspects of art and literature (or at least that's the goal; the Group hasn't even started yet LOL). But I tell ya, if ya love badass protagonists, then Falco's one helluva badass! =D

The story's inspired by Bartimaeus Trilogy by Johnathan Stroud, and Crimson Echoes (a fanfiction based on Chrono Trigger). Do keep an eye out, folks!

Falco's voice actor would be Yourgingerestfan from Chrono Compendium. Still searching for three more people for the other characters (the roles are filling up).

Special thanks to the rest of the Benevolence members and voice actors to make this project fruitful and the improvement in Falco and Cedric's character development.

Themes: 1) In-Movie: [link]
2) Inspiring the character: [link]

EDIT: Whoops! Almost forgot.
Cloud Brushes by :iconconcept-on-mac:
Ground Textures from Texturebits.
Flame tutorial from [link]
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