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About time I get this up! A project for Commercial Art class: to create a vector portrait of yourself. I think my turned out pretty dang good... vectors are fun but evil and time consuming too. We were supposed to mimic the style done on the movie Scanner Darkly. But this one was entered into the Smokebrush art show and I got 2nd place in advanced computer graphics and the scholarship to go to the Art Institute of Colorado's Summer Studio Workshop Animation program! Yey!!! I'm very proud of it.

Update: I also won over $20,000 for this picture in Scholastic Art Awards from the Art Institute of Colorado!

Oh, and here's Kama's vector portrait: [link]
Ani and Grant did one too, if they put them up, I'll link to them.

Art (c) :icontusami:
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Wow. You have some awesome skill.
Wow u know whats weird im doing a college brief on scanner darkly where we have to do a picture of a classmate and i was looking for benchmarks for it... and i stumbled across ur picture. lol how weird.
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Whoa, you're good at this stuff. :heart: This is definately worth that 20K.
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Thank you, that means a lot! :hug:
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dude this is insanely sick haha
u think u can do one of me man
ive always wanted someone to vector me like in portrait form
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i love the details!!!
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Really nice work! I like it!
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Thank you a bunch!
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you're welcome! :hug:
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Wow, so very nice! From afar, this looks just like a real photo. You did a brilliant job on this!
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cool man 8-) this one really nice!
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sweet monkey jesus, thats amazing!

very well done, i can only imagine how tough that was to make (and if you say it wasnt, i will envy you till the end of time >.< )
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WOW!!! Thats so good!!!!!:faint:
Riox's avatar that you Tusami??? If so, it's so awesome!!!! If not, it's still awesome!!!!!!! :clap: I love how you used whatever you used to make this so realistic!!!!!! :+favlove: *cheers*
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youre going to Ai for their summer program?! Im jealous, I wanted to go to that =(
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Awesome work, you really pulled off the scanner darkly style. What program did you use?
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nice job. dont even ask me to do a self portrait of myself LOL i've tryed and failed LOL
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Wow! That looks so real! It's incredible!
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Now animate it and make a movie. XD *Fryingpanned*

I dont think i need to point out how good this is... mostly because i am brain dead right now and cant think of any adjectives >_>
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