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Turtlesaur Rex
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That last journal was sad af and I'm tired of looking at it every day and getting sad. I mean. I'm still at that garbage job and still sad. But this journal ain't gonna be about that. Its gonna be about *~COMIC CON~*

As I mentioned in my previous journal, the past few years I have been getting into cosplay more. So this year, I had decided to make some new ones. So this past memorial day weekend was Phoenix Comic Con- I mean Fan Fusion (Damn you SDCC). I went with squiggy-303 and a few others and it was a blast, one of the toughest cons I've had, but still hella fun.

Thursday was just normal me. 

61034064 2747254791956355 3150639716009771008 N by TurtlesaurRex
If you never knew what I looked like before. Here you go. Its disappointing. But look, DINOSAUR CARS.

Friday was rough. Now, my cosplays are usually makeup H E A V Y. And can I handle it? For the most part, yes. But the down side is, when I'm in heavy makeup/body paint, I don't eat and drink like I should. So I limited myself to one day doing that. And usually it turns out good. So Friday, I went as Dabi from My Hero Academia. And let me tell you, I've been doing special effects makeup for years and I've never had a makeup go to shit like this. And yes, I did do makeup tests before.

So with Dabi, I used liquid latex and all that fun stuff and slapped on purple body paint. What I've never had happen was what happened 15 minutes after I had put it on. The purple started drying patchy. I thought maybe cause it was the liquid latex and continued onto my neck which did not have the latex.

Wrong lmao.

This crap was BRAND NEW from a brand I've used multiple times and used multiple colors of. But it had to of been sent to me expired because even on my normal skin, it was patchy and even after setting it, it was flaking off. Despite trying to cover it with other colors, nothing was helping so I set it, put in my stitches and just went with it. 

By the time we got to the con, most my neck makeup was gone. And all over my white shirt. :T And it was making me feel big bad. I've never been so upset, disappointed, and so... disconnected from myself at a con like that. I think I was just so upset with it turning out like that. But the day ended up turning around. After an hour or so, I got compliments and I was feeling better.

And then we were standing in an aisle and I saw an old deviant from years ago, one who we've talked about meeting up with for years there and I walked up and we hugged and it was the best thing ever. And we talked for a minute and I was feeling better. Did the makeup get better. No. It got progressively worse. It was a makeup I was tempted just to take off but I was proud of the rest of the cosplay so I toughed it out.

61461396 2747255458622955 6912378313881157632 N by TurtlesaurRex

This pic was also taken after being at the con for 4 or 5+ hours, so even the eye makeup looked like trash, but that kind of stuff is expected.


I was a cringelord. I dressed up as a Fortnite skin.

61609363 2747297198618781 8291320990676287488 N by TurtlesaurRex

Now this cosplay I made in probably around like a week because you know. I hate my job and it makes me depressed so thus. I did not work on this until literally a week before con. Huge shout out to Squiggy for sewing the shirt and stuff, because listen. Making that helmet was 100x easier than any sewing. I figured out I hate sewing so from now on. Most my cosplays will be foam and makeup. 

Anyways, so I'm Fortnite trash, leave me alone. I like how colorful and dumb it is. Plus it has a dinosaur skin so how could I not. And I wanted to wear a dinosaur costume for a very specific reason.

61443560 2747297721952062 5014316129863073792 N by TurtlesaurRex


Honestly. Best three seconds of my life. 

Like. Bruh. That's my most favorite picture in the whole world because I actually don't look like absolute garbage. Probably because I actually tried with my makeup and then actually curled my hair somewhat.

Saturday was packed, but fun. And the reception on my cosplay was great, despite not being finished.

Then Sunday I just wore my Spider Qwen suit. I was going to have a wig, but I forgot my wig caps and wig brushes so I just put my hair up in a bun and called it good. I was very tired if you couldn't tell.

61016754 2747297601952074 4143370957794312192 N by TurtlesaurRex

Peep me and Squiggy standing in the Starbucks line for the 4th time.

Also my card shut off at one point. That sucked.

But overall, the con was super fun. I bought a lot of stuff. Dressed up. And had a happy fun time to clear out that last journal.


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