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(Updated) FREE Cutie Base Pack!


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If you are nice, you can buy me a coffee. Coffee

If you can't don't worry! Just credit me. :')
This base is now free! The site I was using to sell it will charge me to use it now, so I've discontinued it there.

Files here: - Added Nov 15th, 2020, .csp version
Update: Dec 13, 2020 - Had a bunch of different uploads of this in my stash, so I added them all to one folder. I don't know what's on them, but good luck sorting through. ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

If you have trouble downloading -
- Go to the stash url not the download button on the side.
- Don't use mobile
- Disable adblock
- Your computer may not be strong enough to open it (¬_¬; )
- If you are using sai, the file may have too many layers to display properly (especially if you use an older version)
- You are downloading the wrong file type for the program! Most programs are .psd compatible but this won't open in paint.
   .CSP is for Clip Studio Paint and .SAI is for Paint Tool Sai and Paint Tool Sai 2.
You can try using free programs such as Krita or Gimp or Photopea to open the .psd files.

Other than these troubleshoots, I really have NO idea how to figure it out besides being physically being at your house seeing what it's doing.
I have downloaded it myself multiple times on multiple computers and had no trouble, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

pleaseeee stop asking me how to fix the download! the few comments i get are drowned out in your pleas for help lmao

Also available here:…


Hey so I made a base, yayyy :D

It includes all the stuff listed, plus a quite a few additional little small things (like glasses, freckles, snek body, mermaid body, and variations on existing content). :P I'll let the rest be a surprise.

<strikethrough>This is $15 USD, and you can pick .sai or .psd version. It's 2000x1628px @ 300 dpi. While there are male nsfw bits, this base is mostly geared towards feminine characters! The base includes human parts, but is mostly furry add ons.</strikethrough>

2. Feel free to make adoptables, ref sheets, ych, whatever you want-- and sell for money $$$.
3. Credit me every time you use this base, preferably linking back here!
4. Feel free to edit this base as much as you want.
5. You can make add ons to sell, but this base cannot be included in the package.
6. Please do not trace or use if you haven't paid for it!
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I am struggling to get this base to download! It just brings up a 404 Error saying the Stash isn't found! D:

cynicallydulcet's avatar

Yup! I tried both the PSD and the CLIP files!

turtlepaws's avatar

Maybe a glitch? Try again? They work for me :U

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it is not working for me either v.v

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Could you make a medibang paint compatible file of this? I would like use this a lot! However I'm only able use Medibang Paint for art right now and it doesn't use psd, clip or sai files. ;( If you could make png files of the layers, is what I am asking for. Png works with Medibang paint the best.

turtlepaws's avatar

Hello, Medibang Paint does use .psd files.

Found in official FAQ

Breezeyheart's avatar

Does it work in mobile Medibang Paint? If it does, I probably need to update it or something

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I would use it if procreate wasn’t so weak cri

if you download the zip and ungroup it in files, you should be able to import specific files! thats how i did it o3o

TannyAdopts's avatar

Used! Thank you very much for this wonderful base! I have had a lot of fun editing it and I plan to use it again! :D

(OPEN) Gold Leaf Elf - OTA

Sadge, the file is too big for procreate. Was really looking forward to using this and everything

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if you download medians paint, you should be able to break up the download into smaller bits and import them into procreate. if you've got Sai on your computer, it will can also be used to break it up.

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Is it still available for free?

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Yes. It's available for free forever. ^^

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None of the download options are available to me , all of them are giving an error

turtlepaws's avatar

what error are they giving you?

AriFoxWolf's avatar

i clicked on all options to see if any of them downloaded the file but they all appeared with "oops , something wrong happened " i can't download any of them ;-;

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You’ll need to go on a computer: download everything as a zip file; from there open the zip file and drag and drop the options you need to the desktop. You should be able to delete the zip file now.

It was doing this to me as well and that’s the only way I was able to bypass it

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do you have adblock

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This base is absolutely amazing!

Thank you for making it.

I will tag you when i am using it(i post adoptables on my other account: Allforadopts).

LisGrimm's avatar

It's wonderful! Thank you for your work :3

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