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I haven't updated in a while, it's true. I've been away from the keyboard and situated firmly behind my crochet hook. This hook that I've been hooking? It's hooking hats. Bunches of them! You should check them out and perhaps buy one!

My Etsy:…

All hats are between 15-25 bucks and I will make one custom on request for no added cost! Hit me up for some hats! Show your friends! They make great, affordable gifts and are sturdy and darn warm!
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Would you kids care to pay me to draw you stuff? I figure I could at least do portraits like…… and…

If you want one of those styles you'll have to give me some info, like things you like, (Tia Tortilla had rainbows and avacados, Tim God of Thunder had Metal and Computing). And then I'd charge you $10-$15 I dunno. Pay me somewhere around that? And the default resolution would be 1000x1500 (tall) but I can do a different size on request.

But yeah, full color, full fancy, fully personalised and really cheap. Send me a message if interested!

Help me get the moneys, please! :]
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Just... inactive. I've been lurking avidly as my ever growing favourites have shown. I'm still drawing too, I'm just too lazy/embarrassed to post scraps. Thinking back I probably should and I might yet. I think maybe is my favorite word. But anyway, Not dead, will be uploading, mostly will be uploading portraits because I need more practice with faces, and after faces, necks, and after necks clothes (like armor and pretty frilly shit. Because I'm a fan of both. Imagine a MIX! Ooohhh...)
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I have one, and I need moneys for I is extra broke D:

Really though, check it out, maybe buy a little something, some things are featured there that are not here on DA so clearly, checking it out is a must!…

All is made with love <3
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And it's crazy shit! it's also way easier than most said it would be :D

Silly teachers.

But seriously, I need to draw more. And then I need to scan those drawings. But I'm still alive! Mostly. I've also decided that I need constant self evaluation on why I'm the way I am. So expect some strange behavior! Nothing's more fun than spending hours upon hours of wondering stupid questions about every little thing about what one does and why it's done that way. It's really sucky. Sleep is less and stress is more. and Caffeine is way, way more. But it's okay. I have video games!
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You may have noticed an influx of way out of character art for me, it's mostly one of those on a whim kinda things as much as it is a practice for me, I'm loving it too, I;ve drawn who knows how many and at first each sketch took about 45 minutes to an hour, now it takes 15 to 30 minutes, Pwnage :D My lining, gods do I adore lining, has bettered and speeded from it as well as my colouring ability. I lurve it! :D

I also get to draw boobies! ^_^

I do however need to start working on other things and so, since I've now posted a break of two non-bikini fun there will be one more influx of it, about 10 peices some of which might be colored, and then I'm gonna need to try to expand what I can do, that means working on men and observational stuff which I'm kinda scared to try after doodling a self portrait from a picture last night that was rather BLARGENHURG. But I need to work on what I can do and all that. :P

I also might be getting a job soon, Designing and maintaining a website, I'm gonna do it for dirt cheap because I can only do so much but hell, I'm thinking I'll take it Regardless because I can use the practice, experience and the push to get myself out there and do some art for profit! I could also use more than the 30 bucks I have left in my bank account! XP
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Yes. My noggin is extremely toasty right now. I am wearing a hat. A fuzzy hat that is blue and black and... makes me look like a bear...


Regardless, tis mid summer and I'm sitting at home... crocheting, watching Beast Wars (Yes, I'm from a lamer generation but heck, I love the stuff!).

Truly the socialite.

I signed up for eBay today too!… I'm selling my black and white Fuzzy Bullzeye hat there now and I'm thinking the summer is not the best for that D: Opps.

It's also warm out. And people at the post office give me funny looks. And shipping is expensive. D:
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So pretty much I went to a friend's birthday party today, he's one of them crazy kids who loves the idea of communism and thus proudly wears the colors and symbols of it as as much of a joke as a statement, well, being me, I got him normal gift and then brought along some yarn in happy red and gold and and got to makin' me a hat for his older self!

It took a really long time, mostly due to distractions and ungoddly Oregon humidity (I'm a pansy to it D:) I made a basic red hat with a single gold stripe near the top and the bottom of it lined in gold with matching tassles, then I went about the hard part, see, I don't normally go excessive images, most I've done previous to today was a lovely, TINY triangle on my Sora (from Digimon) styled hat (And I left the straps off too because, frankly, in worsted, acrylic yarn that has been crocheted into straps they are thick and unruly). I added a 5 pointed yellow star to the very top, as well as a hammer and sickle to the left side that was about 3-4 square inches in size. It turned out awesome! I loved it and so did he, so I'm currently very proud of myself and as I did not keep it, I lack some photo awesomeness off it, I demand some, however and so when he gets that to me then share it I shall! Untill then I shall be proud of myself and speak of it only in letters of text :D

I also discovered that the old super friends show broke a crap loads of phisics laws, was rather amusingly animated and that Aqua Man is pretty much useless :D
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Alive and, as my father chose to put it "no longer jail bait". I feel I should be mildly disturbed :P

Anyway, My scanner died, it didn't like the whole, take-it-to-school thing, and it's out of my life, or at least, sitting on my floor unloved untill I head back to free geek sometime soon.

I have't done much art but I'm gonna put in a few pictures of non-drawn stuff like hats and necklaces and crazy shiz of that nature.

My website has changed too. It's now, rather than and I'm lazy so it's not fully back up just yet. Looking over the stuff there too... gods I want to redo so much of it... I might have too in the wonder that is being an unemployed student on summer break between high school and college :D

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All is well for me now, uber joy-time! :D

School is almost out of my life, excuseing college which has the factor that I can drop out or just plain stop, I've been making some cash on a little addiction of mine, crocheting, I should take pictures and post some of my hats... I'm been cleaning the hell out of my room and my sister escaped from custody and then was recaptured and is headed twards a higher security prison, YAY! I also finnaly seem to have sprouted balls. Not literaly, of course but I did finnaly get my ass to ask a friend of mine out who I had been too terrified to ask out, with some luck of timming-goodness I'll be taking her out tomorrow! And being the dateless wonder that I am, this will be my first date at 17! XP

I've been doing more drawing too, I've got some classes that play well to my sketch book and am getting my ass back in gear to work on my comic a touch and then perhaps a website or two? I dunno but I've been feeling very productive and it's not a thing that I want to go away! I'm hoping once my room is completely finished I'll have a bot more floor space and can maybe set up a few still lifes or something, try out my tablet some more, I found an old wacom for 25 cents where I volunteer a few months ago, didn;t have a stylus I found just sucha stylus there the other day and I have yet to test my happy find! Maybe I'll do that later tonight...

Hmmm... Oranges...
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And not the computer chairs either, they have multiple wheels, thus are cheaters. But yeah I'm really out of it right now, I've been up for the last 24 hours out with friends, cleaning my room, running errands,  and codeing some webpages, multiple because I'm being PRODUCTIVE! I finished Terror Of Unicorns, that site is COMPLETE. Me happy. And I have started on some little public domain sites I've been meaning to do for a while, I only have one issue. I never use sites like that. I dunno what a general non HTML savy kid wants/needs on a page unless it's myspace. Something I refuse to touch with a ten foot pole. This presents a problem furthered by my current mind set (I can drive, but not really walk... Kinda scary D:) But yeah, I need help fionding out what else I should add, if you read this you should go and find it in my diviations and tell me. or tell me here. just let me know what more it needs! D:
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I've been uber busy as of late, at similarly unproductive in my free time, way to go me! But yeah, With this season my cheapness comes out and so instead of getting a job and buying things for everyone I make things, which means I have less time yet, I've been spending all of my alone time at home this holiday vacation working on a level three model of an enzo ferrari for mi padre, I hate enamel paints with a passion they stick to EVERYTHING BUT WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO STICK TO. They get on my hands and will NOT COME OFF! I am never doing this again, because it looks terrible makes me very sad. The effing plastic cement model glue I use is also evil. it dries to slowly, and alkso gets everywhere.

When my folks are home I've been busy with another small project for my iner friend party with my white elephant gift. A little wooden chest, the out side is painted as a blue semi cloudy sky and the interior is space. I may or may not have sealed it with nail polish... I like to use nailpolish, it works well on EVERYTHING. Computer mice, key boards, boxes, nails, more nail polish... you name it and I'll paint it with nail polish, the only downer is the lack of good oxygen when useing nail polish... that's kinda dangerous, really. My parents may or may not suspect me of sniffing the stuff x_X

I've learned that when you start to get woozy it's time to take a break and get some freash air. Really.

But yeah! The box is done and as of now thecar model will be done in time and with a party tomorrow I'm feeling more relaxed, I may actualy GET to some of my winter planns for my comic and some CC web site stuff. Maybe. Time hates me enough that if it where a hisical being it would leave flaming bags of snake poopie on my doorstep. That damn prankster...
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Yeah... I've been busy. Lots of work with Newspaper and now another homework spawning class. I've been frustrated over some writeing attempt and almost getting emo over the suckiness of it. I FAIL at writing not editorial things :P

Way to fail me!

But on a Happier note I have AP Art now and some fun ideas for stuff. I may also be doing a fan comic colab with a great friend of mine which has me with some uber happy vibes!

As has been noted I got my most recent comic out, which is cool because thw twust leap panel is my favorite EVER. I can;t beleive I drew it, I adore that panel so much XD I'm getting full of myself here :P

Back to reality, though. I love comics, and I've never been able to aford normal ones like spider man or the X-men due to a lack of intrest in me being interested in such things by my parents as well as simply not haveing money for it so I fell to web comics. Fell in love and feel like return the favor with some ideas I have. It's fun, it's expresive and a way for me to scream and point at things that make me angry with out being carted off to anger management. I also get a good deal of experiance with drawing people. Which is good for me. I'll be trying some new things n the next few weeks of updates as I figure things out for sure among details as this is my first fully drawn, colored and pretty-lookiung comic ever.

It may not seem like much but it makes me smile something huge. :D

And I totally dobt anyone reads this, if they do, you need a hug becase you're awesome and probably crazier then I am :D

But yeah.. This trimester will be a busy one, I'm surrounded by people who I may or may not want to stab with rusty spoons as well as a good deal of home work to be but I suppose I'm trying to prepare for life. And gods is life coming fast. It's... scary.

I however, need to put on my new (it's older then me by a long shot and has been sitting in the atic) bed spread that is LIME GREEN AND RETRO.

Fawesome like boobs it is. And it will hide the shit under my bed, pwn for me!

It also dyes socks green if you wash it with other clothes. Haha, my mom has yellow socks now! XP
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Yes, that's right. It's -Monday- I have loads to do and it may or may not be trash night and really, really cold out. Damn... I'm owing some money again just as I may or may not be owed some money, things happen and maybe some of those will even out a touch. But yeah, I'll be going onto AP art next week which has me excited, I just hope the teacher intended to teach it still will be, if not I'm gonna have to take care of a few extra things.

I feel really overloaded right now, too many things going on with my friends, my teachers, my project list and every other damn thing. I'm super hapy about a few things like there posibly being snow and like the fact that Edgy Eft and Ice weasel (Linux things) came out of recent and I've been enjoying the hell out of both of them with small amounts of mild frustration here and there but mostly glee. I need to work on my comic more too, I have all but one panel done on the Rough Draft for it and as is I spent all of today's freetime working on it, I suck with action poses, you have no idea. Getting my perspectives and light sources straight has also been a bitch as I jump around a noted character from differnt veiw points. ARG. I just hope the shadeing isn't over done and that people can tell what the HELL is going on the next strip because as is that's just another layer to my I WANT TO KILL PEOPLE pile of sad and angry notes running though my slow little brain.

Well. That was quite a rant, if anyone read through it I am impressed and slightly frightend by your attention span. Damn you...
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So I'm an Angry person, I always kinda have been even when I'm happy I feel like I could very easily attack some one. I'm weird like that but of recent I've been abosloutly PISSED. My school principle is effin' evil, she;s trying to get two of my favorite teachers fired because they question her as they do every authority figure and because they don't act 'profesional' enough. I'd like to walk right into her office and deck her. But no~ laws and shit like that..  

That, mixed with my sister's falling back into her old self at where she is currently locked up makes me ready to kill on the slightest of whims.

On the plus side of things I have plenty to keep me busy, lots of things from news paper: drawing and writeing both this month. I also have my comic started finally, I should upload that here as well as my site...  I hope to update that once a week.

Tomorrow is also turkey day here in the states, that means I get to stuff my face with mashed potatoes and that apeals to me. Potatoes are goddly in their awesomeness. I should paint an awesome potatoe god... that would be fantastic...
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So yeah. We had a wind storm last night, none of our big trees fell down. that't good. Unless one falls on our evil neighbors house. then that's okay. it's their fault if one were to fall anyway since they logged and that's why we have a weaker root system but yeah...
The wind storm knocked out the power and so i sat in my room for about an hour with no light or sound other then the wind outside.

I ussually have 5 fish tank filters going along with music from my computer which I do leave on over night but not while I'm at school.

So I got to sit in silence with no ability to see at all other then the tiny bit of light from the outside from my window.

And apparently I'm kinda... Crazy. I see things when there are no sounds to distract me and no light to prove me wrong and I start to see things that aren't there. Things that do actualy scare me. Something I guess to make up for the fact that I don't have nightmares. I painted what I see today and I liked how it turned out for a 2 hour project in art class.  I still kinda want to fix a few things since I painted most of it in poor lighting but eh. It's made my thoughts and sightings visable for all and thats what matters even if people look at me funnier then ever now. Granted, people look at me anyway with my antene and choice of attire and jewelery.

On the bright side of posibly being crazy at least it's not a bad crazy. It's not like I lash out and stab at them and mistake my cat or something for them. that would make me sad and I'd have to become all mopey and then hurt people and myself.
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They are, they really, really are. I sold the damn chair today and adults officialy confuse me, I'm not sure who's if any side I should be on, all I know is that I have 50 and NO MORE EFFING CHAIR! Yay for me!

Granted, I spose' 50 bucks won't get me far... I need to get gisfts for mi madre y padre, and that's roughly 20 each, oh. And I need gas. There goes -that-. I need to get  my sister something as well, and I guess my friends will have to do with cookies again this year, even if they look like mentration. Red dye and lighltly cooked cookies seems to be a bad idea.. Oh well, Maybe I can collect a little extra cash before christmas, I really need a hyromiter for my fishtank so I can monitor the salt, then maybe I can get fish for it :P

Pitty is hydromiters.. Yeah, they cost roughly 20 bucks. Owie ;_;

So I'll get a job or soemthing, with luck and perhaps have some cash to throw at things, if I can get a job I will buy my friends things and set up my fish tank happy. I need PH testing strips too after all and some paints would be lovely so I can explore that stuff more. Bah, here it is, hardly November and I'm thinking about Money and the Holidays, I should bite myself for this but it wouldn't do much good... Stupid self preservation relexes...

But yeah, I still have loads to upload here, and websites to work on as well, and a game!  Oh this game excites me, I'll post art and sprites for it as I go so I can get some input, I won;t go into story details yet though, those are secret and I should talk to my cousin before I go into that too much, he's awesome and has experiance in this kind of thing!

But yeah, bluntly, yay for fridays!
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It's halloween!  I have a few issues, however, none of my friends are up for trick or treating/have the time for it so I am at home, saddly waiting for the sun to go down. most depressing for a halloween enthusiast like myself. I dressed up as an alien by dying my skin green with kool-aide and did accents on my face and chest with acrilic paint. Icky hard to get off stuff I must note. So maybe I'll find someone to go with, as is if this is not going to happen then maybe I'll go alone...

In other news that damned chair has come back to bother me, it's done and in progress of being finished for timeliness but I was informed by my art teacher that the one who commisiond the work had no origonal intetion of paying. Even when she said nothing when I suggested the origonal price, and agreed when i asked if the price was a bit much, she asked it down to 50-60 bucks. She then apparently when to the teacher who suggested her to me and said that I way over charged her and that she thought it would have been free even though while we did not decide on a price in the beginning we did decide I would get paid. I'm pissed for being played on as a bad guy here. Not cool. She's not getting the chair untill she pays up.

I may get payed for some mural work at a park sometime soon though, that's somehting to look up to...
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Overstressed day. Bah...

I finished my first real commision, it was a chair for a teacher's grandson. Took me 28 damn hours and in the end I get payed roughly 2 bucks an hour. this is... depressing to say the least. Something tells me my paintings won't be what brings home the bacon.  Reguardless, after that much work I had a slightly higher price in mind and was rather disapointed to find myself getting so comparatively little. Granted, most of my stress came from the "Oh shit, how much do I charge per hour?!" guilt trip. That had me freaking out pretty bad since my mind says too much and I'm cheating them and too little and I'm being cheated and I certainly as hell don't know where the balanced medium is. Having easy guilt trips sucks.

This all being added to my upset stomach and headache (that has now thankfully passed) to make things worse. Oh and I can;t forget my random ERGE TO SLAUGHTER. That I got when my headache first came about.

I currently do not like being me. At all. Why can't I have a skill that pays better? ;_;

Bah, I have more things to upload that I'll do later, as well as a shit load of homework that I've been putting off, guess which is going to happen first? At least halloween is tomorrow and dangerous amounts of candy should cheer me up a touch...
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So it's a Sunday, I have fish from yesterday and that makes me happy, I like fish... But that was yesterday! Today is today and today happens to be a sunday, on sundays I get to see my little sister, today we are taking my gand parents along with and that seems cool, we're also gonna bring develed eggs and starbucks. :D

We still need to make those eggs... :o

But eggs are good, and cheap, cheap is a very good thing. :P

I got a new scanner last night! And by new I mean I took it from downstairs and hooked it up to my computer and scanned things and am going to hoard it to myself because no one else uses it. It's MINE!

So I posted some new things!

I should go make those eggs now... <<