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Hunger Games Meme :D
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Published: May 12, 2010
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Finished Catching Fire today and spent the better part of my day working on this |D Needless to say I'm totally in love with this series and can't wait for the third book *bounce bounce bounce*

And if it's not obvious, I ridiculously love Peeta ♥♥♥


3. WHY YES. THAT IS PRYCE. MAHOGANY TOWN GYM LEADER FOR ICE POKEMON. WHY IS PRYCE THERE? Because I have a tough time drawing adults :|;;; AND AND AND that's how I imagined President Snow while reading the novels. (Because I was just playing Pokemon Soul Silver the week before.)
8. It's weird but despite loving the Peeta/Katniss 'ship a whole lot, the first scene that popped into my head was the one where Katniss was internally cursing Peeta's heavy (and loud!) footsteps. I probably giggled a lot more than I should have when I was reading that part |D
10. I cannot draw animals. Ever.
12. For some strange reason, I adore the idea of Peeta and Johanna interacting. (I loved the part in the books where the two of them teased Katniss for being so pure |D) To me, they're both a lot alike (in a way that they're both very cunning and perceptive) and a lot different (in a way that Peeta is passive and Johanna is agressive). And c'mon, they're a baker and a lumberjack...! That dynamic begs to explooored. If any one of them dies in the third book, I'll probably be crushed ;__;


Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins


(lol XD)


meme from [here]
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Omfg, so much lol! "You're all sorts of useless, aren't you?" "Current sponsor count: 0."
#3 gives a great idea--let's distract from the annual bloodbath by just having everyone compete in a Pokemon tournament instead! Yays! 
And it's official: All girls wish to glomp Finnick. x33
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Yogscastany|Student General Artist
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Love the last guy he cool
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If I had to draw Effie, I would draw her freaking out and saying


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umbreoneevee1314|Hobbyist General Artist
if only pryce was preaident snow
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chazzet27|Hobbyist General Artist
Nom nom no nom mmm tastes like bread xD

This cracked me up no joke xD
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[link] Nice meme! I love your art style. Check out mine?
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Lol! Johanna is awesome :D
And I want Peeta to bake meh some cheesy bread
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TheTwistedTail|Hobbyist Digital Artist
When arethe odds ever in your favor?
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airpIanes|Hobbyist Artist
gym leader snow. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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coniferouskiddo|Student General Artist
YOur drawings are awesome*-*
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Lol, current sponsor count xDDD
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BlazingQuill|Hobbyist General Artist
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Alrealea|Student Digital Artist
lol the pokemon part!!!
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Scarecrow113|Hobbyist Writer
tastes like bread LOL
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birthdaycupcake|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconbordercollieplz: :iconlabradorplz: :iconcrazypinkiepieplz: :icondogplz: :iconloveheartplz: :iconminecraftplz: :iconfbiplz: :iconslenderplz:
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:iconpplz: :iconeplz: :icontplz: :iconaplz:
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whitexlightning|Student Traditional Artist
That's me in the arena :laughing:
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This is by far my favorite Meme. xD Only if I knew how to do one...
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ZoroarkMaster121|Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol president snow... that's how everyone sees him!
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kbelieu23|Student General Artist
My favorite one was when Peeta was making so much noise! So cute!
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SassyArtPrincess|Student Digital Artist
in my mind johnna looks more like sl*t
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