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Dragon Fruit, Fruit Dragon
Little idea I got after eating a dragon fruit this week for the first time (very expensive, didn't really like it, and my tortoises didn't either...)
Furry dragon sketch dump
Have been working quite a bit these past few months, haven't had time or motivation to draw :/ these are the few doodles that I FINALLY got to do on this long weekend, it feels good to draw again :)
Oh boy, I had a feeling this would happen some day, got tagged by  f14ace  , let’s get along with it ^^

•    You have to post ALL the rules
• Answer the 12 questions you have been asked then create 12 questions for the people you tagged
• Choose 12 people
• Actually tag these people
• Can't say you don't do tags
• Tag backs are allowed

1) Which of the following places would you prefer to live in?  A city, rural farmlands, the mountains, or by the beach/ocean?

By the sea, so I can go swimming and scuba diving whenever I want :) the beach is boring in itself though, I only like playing with fish ! ^^

2) If you could keep any creature from the Harry Potter universe as a pet/companion, what would it be?

A dragon please ! Maybe a Welsh Green or a Ukrainian Ironbelly, but any would do really ! 

3) In your opinion, what is the saddest moment in any movie you've seen?

When Dumbo goes to see his imprisoned mummy :’( got forbidden from watching that movie for some time because my sister and I kept crying and crying whenever that scene was on…

4) Would you rather be a wizard or a Jedi?

A wizard, if I get to fly dragons. Or if I can turn myself into one :O that would be great.

5) If your house was burning down and you only had time to save three material possessions, what would they be?  (material possessions only.  People and pets don't count since you're gonna save them anyway.)

My plush toys (yes still have those I am a child inside), my drawings (spent too much time working on them, can’t let them burn D:), my computer WITH MY WHOLE LIFE ON IT
PS : Can I count my plants as pets to save ? They do have names after all !

6) If you could live in a setting from any book, game or movie, where would it be?

Difficult :/ somewhere I could have magic powers, dragons and not be a NPC ^^ ? Maybe Alagaesia, as long as long as I can be a dragon or Dragon Rider (obsessed by dragons? Naaaaaaaaaah.)

7) Everyone loves cookies, so what is your favorite kind of cookie?  

Are we talking of cookies or biscuits in general ? :/ as far as cookies go my favourite are the traditional chocolate chips ones, no nuts or anything, but then again I’m not a fan of cookies… As for biscuits, I just looooooooove shortbread with a nice cup of tea :D

8)  If you could visit any place in the world for free, where would you go?

The Galapagos Islands, obviously. Volcanos, scuba diving, penguins, iguanas, GIANT TORTOISES?????? What’s not to love about that place? :D (oh they speak Spanish?... I’m so bad at it T.T )

9) What is your favorite book series?  Movie?  TV show?

Book series ? I am hesitating between the Inheritance Cycle for my profound attachment to it (*cough* dragons *cough cough*), and the entirety of the Trilogies from Pierre Bottero (the two Ewilan series, L’Autre, Ellana etc) that are sooooooo good, I wish they would have translated those into English rather than Tara Duncan …
Movie ? I am a simple woman, I love the Incredibles.
TV show ? I loved Smallville, Doctor Who and Heroes (first two seasons, the rest bleh), I really like Game of Thrones (dragons, anyone?), and I like quite a few things in the anime genre :) But my favourite TV show EVER stays C’est Pas Sorcier, an educational show that was on TV when I was little, I used to watch it EVERY EVENING coming back from school it is so good and everything is so well explained, if there is anything you don’t understand about physics (and you understand French ^^’) just go watch it, it is intended for kids but it’s still good as an adult

10)  What is your favorite sports team?

I don’t watch sports ^^ If I get caught into the world cup crazes, I’m usually routing for Wales > England > France

11) When you draw or write, do you plan everything out ahead of time or do you just make it up as you go along?

Usually when drawing I spend quite some time doodling beforehand, until I manage to get something I think would look good  PS : usually I fail to do it correctly a second time
As for writing, I spend many hours awake in bed before sleeping, thinking and “playing” out my numerous stories. Sometimes I get the motivation to write them down, sometimes I don’t.

12) When you draw or write, how often do you change the final product from what you had originally intended?

It must have happened twice.

Questions :
1) For how long have you been drawing / writing / doing art?
2) Do you have any pets ? If so, tell us about them ! :) If not, would you want one and what would it be??
3) Staying in the animal domain, what is your favourite dinosaur species?
4) If you where to get bitten by a radioactive animal, granting you its mighty animal powers, what would you like to be bitten by?
5) Day or night?
6) What is your favourite dish?
7) Do you play any musical instruments?
8) What do you do in life, apart from doing art?
9) Do you prefer spending time with your family or your friends? Or maybe all by yourself ?
10) What is your greatest fear?
11) If you could become any animal, real or not, extinct or not, for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
12) And finally, if you were offered the chance to get on a spaceship to colonize another inhabitable planet, taking with you your friends and family, but you might never set foot on that new planet yourself, only the future generations will, would you go?

Aaaand that's it !

Now for the tags ! f14ace (sweet revenge >:) ), Tefa31 (ton tour Clairou ! ^^), Mawrdok , RandomVanGloboii , Iovena , AmaryllisNacht , CatalysticDragons , AnonymousLlama428 , akitawolfmon , StarfireDragons , Flying-With-Dragons , CatSalinas 


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Claire M
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hello ! I'm a student, studying in dentistry, I really enjoy drawing, and spend most of my time doodling instead of listening during classes :)
I like fantastic creatures such as griffons and dragons, but what I love most of all are animals, especially elephants, rhinoceros, whales, birds and reptiles (tortoises and turtles are my favorites :3 )


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