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Finally got around to finishing this pic that's been sitting on my desktop half-painted for like... months. ^^' I think I actually started it way back after that Acolyte pic, because after painting a forest, I wanted to try painting a desert. I'm still not totally happy with this one, but I think that's about as good as I'm going to get it for now. Just gotta keep practicing painting backgrounds until I'm actually good at it. X'D Maybe I will try a snowy environment next.
Also, the character in this is one I lifted from an old page of sketches.

Also, come check me out on twitter and/or instagram if you'd like! Veeeery slowly trying to build those up as well. XD

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You're very welcome!❤️😊, how are you?.

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Good morning friend, Awesome!!!!!!!!!.
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Ooh, this is gorgeous. Wonderful work on the background (that storm!!!)!

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Thank you very much! ^^ Yeah I wanted to try putting distant rain in, since I'd never done that before but I love how it looks in real life. XD
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I really dig this color palette! The glow illuminating him is really nice too. Haha, I wanna lick it!
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Thanks Meemz! And lol, your Huntsman is showing X''D
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This is so beautiful!!! Those clouds!!! The lighting!!!
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Thanks Melli! ^^ Lol those clouds gave me such a headache XD
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This is stunning ;o; I love everything about this, especially the gorgeous lighting :D
Turtle-Arts's avatar
Thank you very much! ^^
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This is so lovely, Turtle! ;w; The way the light makes soft highlights from behind the character is so mesmerizing. Always love seeing new pieces from you!
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Ah! Thank you! ^^ It took way too long to finish this one, but I'm glad I finally went back to it. I want to keep doing more of these environment pics to force myself to get better at them. XD
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You're welcome! :) I need to do some backgrounds myself if I want to get my comic started.
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lol that's part of why I've been trying to do these. XD To get better at bgs for my GN
TheMeekWarrior's avatar
yissss I'm so excited to see more of your sky shepherds ;v;
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